San Diego

Monday morning greetings to one and all!!!!!

Here we are a week away from Memorial Day weekend and it’s always amazing how fast time files!!!! It seems like just yesterday it was Easter and now here we are at the official start of summer. I’m not one to complain about having a three day weekend to regroup and relax!!!!

About a month ago I was out in Phoenix on a shoot and I was able to scoot over to San Diego for a couple of days! It’s always nice to get out to that part of the country and with the weather being so nice, I wasn’t complaining!!!!! There’s lots to see and lots of fun to be had as well in San Diego!!! I was able to hit Kona’s Surf Club Cafe and Balboa Park and really enjoyed shooting photos while I was there as well! I’ve attached a few photos from my time in SoCal for you to check out!

I hope that you’ll have a great week to come and Memorial Day weekend as well!!!! If you’re going to be out on the roads next weekend, be safe and have a fun time!!!!

Thanks as always!!!!!!


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