Old School

Cloudy Peoria Monday morning greetings to all!

When I was a kid growing up, the 68 Chevy Camaro was the cat’s meow! Even today, I still get a goose bumps when I see one!

I was fortunate to have one in the studio last week and needless to say, they didn’t roll off the assembly line in 1968 looking like this!!!! I also had to snag a snap with it as well!

Thanks as always for checking out my snaps and I hope that you have an outstanding week!!!!


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A spring day in Peoria!

Sunny Peoria Monday morning greetings to all,

I’ve been out enjoying some of the nicer warmer weather here in town and I got out the other day and snapped a few shots in downtown Peoria!

Thanks as always and I hope that you have a great week!!!!!


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