Geneva at night!

Friday morning greetings to all!!!!!

Here’s a quick shot from Wednesday night here in Geneva, Switzerland. It’s been completely amazing being here and I can’t believe how nice it is!!!!! The people are unbelievably nice and we’ve had some great food (and of course beer) as well. We’ll be shooting for a couple more days here in and around Geneva and then have an off day on Sunday to be tourists. I’ve shot some amazing snaps already and I can easily see that I’ll be coming back here at some point in the future to shoot photos for myself!!!!!

Have an outstanding weekend!!!!!!!


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Boy Scout camp and another road trip!!!!

I was out doing at little charity work last week for the Boy Scouts at their camp outside of London Mills, Il. and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day!!!! As you can see from the photos, the kids as always had a great time!!!!!!!!!

I’ve got another road trip that starts tomorrow and it’s going to be an incredible shoot. We’ll be shooting in Europe, Africa, The Middle East, S. E. Asia and China to finish things off!!!! I’m supposed be back to Peoria on the 20th of July, so it should be fun!!!!! I’m sure you might see a photo or two from the trip!

Thanks as always and have a great week!!!!!


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USGP 2007

Monday morning greetings to all,

I was over in Indianapolis, In. yesterday for the U. S. Grand Prix and got to see a young man win the second race of his very young career. Lewis Hamilton is 21 and is the real deal in the world of Formula One racing!!!!! I’m so glad that I was there and got to see this young man at the beginning of his career!!!!!!

Thanks as always and have a great week!!!!


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Manto De La Novia, Ecuador

Tuesday greetings to all!

We got back safe and sound late Saturday night from our shoot last week in Ecuador. We had a great time and got to see a lot of interesting and amazing things while we were there!!!!!! Here’s one of those moments from the shoot while on the way to the next destination. We stopped to take a few photos and also were able to take a cable car ride to the Manto De La Novia Falls. I’ve got a video link here and I think you’ll like it.

I’ve also got a quick shot from the countryside and to me this reminds me of photos that I’ve seen from Italy.


Thanks as always and there are more photos to come!!!!!

Have an outstanding week!!!!!!!!


La Coca River, Equador

If it’s Thursday, I must be in Ecuador!

Greetings to all!!!!!!

I’ve been done here all week on a shoot and am coming home on Saturday night and that’s going to be nice!!!! I’ve got a million stories and had a lot of fun!!!!! We meet a bunch of very nice people and see some amazing things!!!!! I haven’t had internet service for three days and it’s been very strange to not have communication with the outside world!!!!

Here’s a quick shot of the La Coca River in North East Ecuador and it looks pretty spectacular to me!!!!!

Have an outstanding weekend and I’ll have more to share on Monday!!!!


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