Back in school

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

Well the kids have been going back to school this past week and better them then me! 🙂 I do remember when I was a lot younger and I would be all excited for the first day of school and then about halfway through that first day it would hit me why we were in school and it wasn’t going to be fun and games! The excitement lasted for about two hours and then you knew that it was going to be nine months before summer vacation would happen again and you’d be free for the summer! I’m sure that a few of you felt the same way when you were younger too!

This past week was a good one and along with a couple of shoots that happened early in the week, I had a ton of video editing work going on as well. The good thing is that in the coming weeks, I’ll be able to share some of these video projects that we have been working on this summer. It’s always fun for me to have a project that’s got a beginning and then an end and something that doesn’t drag on too long. These last few projects have been that way, so it’s very nice to get started on them and then finish them up and move on to the next project!

I’ve got a couple of photos from my trip down to Southern New Mexico a few weeks ago. They’ve had some rain in the last month and the barrel cactus flowers are blooming and the colors are outstanding! When you’ve got a desert landscape that doesn’t always have a lot of color, to see these cactus blooming is really a special treat, so I’m glad that I was able to witness it!

Here’s a couple of my snaps from New Mexico!

It’s time to get busy and there’s more video editing to work on this morning!

We hope that you’re going to have a great week to come and thanks as always for taking the time to check out our work!

Kev and Jan

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Monday morning peoria greetings to one and all!

I’m back home this week from a trip out West and as always it’s great to be West of the Mississippi River on a road trip!

I’ve driven by Tucumcari, New Mexico a hundred times in my life, but never gotten off Interstate 40 to take a drive down old Rt. 66. My rule of thumb is if you’re on any interstate highway, you’re just trying to get from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time and not out to do any sightseeing. Time is critical, so we get in the car and run down the road and get where we are going as quickly as we can.

On this trip I was able to take a little bit of time to get off I-40 and onto Rt. 66 running through Tucumcari and take a few snaps. One of the things that I really enjoyed is that there are a bunch of old signs along the way, some still are working and others that aren’t, but that’s part of the fun of seeing what’s out there. I learned a long time ago that if you see something like an old sign and you want to take a photo of it that you better do it because it might not be there the next time that you come by. About ten years ago I was driving through Snyder, Texas and I came across this old abandoned gas station. I took about 20 minutes to get some shots of it and I was glad I did because when I went through Snyder just a couple of years ago, the old gas station was gone! Here’s that photo and I’m glad that I got it when I did and while the building was still there! Snyder, Tx. Gas Station Photo

Here’s a couple of my snaps from a drive down old Rt. 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

It’s time to get back to work this morning because I have a ton of video editing to get done and it won’t happen until I get on the computer!

Thanks as always for taking the time to check out our work and we hope that you’ll have a great rest of the week!!!

Kev and Jan

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