Leap Day

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

It’s the 29th of February and apparently 2016 is a leap year and today is a leap day! Wow! Talk about some excitement!!! Do we have the day off from school and work? I guess not because we have a shoot this afternoon, so I better get some gear packed up!

We had a busy week this past week with shoots in North Dakota and in the Quad Cities (Illinois for those not familiar with the state) for a couple of days to end the week. All and all it was a very good week and there was a lot of editing time on the computer this weekend trying to get caught up with all of these projects! When it rains it pours, so you just have to take advantage of the time to get caught up like we did this weekend!

We’ve got a quick snap this week of the beautiful wind turbines that dot the landscape here in the Midwest! I always enjoy seeing these giants spinning in the wind off in the distance of a farm field making the electricity that we all use and need!!!

Leap Day is here, so let’s all get to work!!! Have a great week as always and thanks for checking out our work!!!

Kev and Jan

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Monday morning North Dakota greetings to one and all!

We’re up in North Dakota today for a quick shoot and we’ll be back home tonight! I think that we are in for a stretch of road trips coming up in the next couple of months with a number of inquiries from clients, so it will be interesting to see what happens!

We’ve got another video project to share with you that just started running on tv this past week! bringyourmeetinghome.com is a new campaign from the Peoria Area Convention and Visitors Bureau to have companies have their meetings and conventions in the Peoria area. One of the amazing things that I learned during this project is that the hospitality industry in the Peoria area employs over 5000 jobs! I was really shocked by this number just because unless you’re in that business, you don’t realize all the people that are employed by the guests that come to town!

This video that we’ve put together is the intro video that features four local Peoria people employed in the hospitality business. In the coming weeks we will be working on a video for each of these four people. Here’s the video that Jan and I made for bringyourmeetinghome.com

Jan and I both hope that you’re going to have a great week and thanks for checking out our work!

Kev and Jan

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Dog Show

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Back to school!

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

Well it looks like we survived another Super Bowl Sunday yesterday! From the pre-game shows to football to the half-time show to the commercials, it sure makes for a long day, so hopefully you survived it as well! Jan and I had a nice quiet party with snacks and adult beverages and were able to avoid all the drunk crazy fans out and about at some of the local watering holes! The other good thing about being at home is having any kind of issues with the police who had said coming into the weekend that they were really going to crack down on DWI’s! Safe and sound is always a very good thing!

We had a very nice shoot last week with our friends over at Methodist College here in Peoria. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Methodist College, they train nursing students and they graduate with a degree in nursing. They’ve been located downtown for a number of years now and the good news for them is that they purchased the American TV store out on Route 150 here in Peoria and will be moving into it sometime this summer. Renovations are underway as we speak and it sounds like it’s going to be a heck of a facility. For this shoot, Methodist College needed to get some new photos of the students for upcoming brochures and their web site and they had a big challenge for us as well. They wanted us to minimize the background in the photos to hide the current facility so that these photos could be relevant for the new facility next fall! Needless to say it takes a little bit of creativity to try and hide the background and make it as non-descript as possible! The good news for us is that we were able to come away with some great photos that we are sharing today!

Here’s a few of the images that we captured for Methodist College!

It’s time for us to get to work, so we hope that you’re going to have a great week and thanks for checking out our work!

Kev and Jan

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One down, eleven to go!

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

Wow, this year is off to a rocking start and with one month down and 11 to go, I can see that things are going to keep cranking along! January is in the books and Groundhog Day is Tuesday! I wonder if Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow, but I’m hoping that he doesn’t!!! 🙂

We had a very good week this past week with a number of shoots. A couple of the gigs were still photography and a couple were videos, so that means that this week there’s going to be a lot of computer time coming up. The still images have to be processed and the videos will need editing along with some other video projects that need to be edited as well. It’s kind of funny how that all works and you’ll shoot a bunch of stuff and then you’ve got to work on it afterwards to get it finished up. It’s not too upsetting to have to be inside in a nice warm house on the computer when the weather outside in Central Illinois is less than conducive for outdoor activities. Now if it was 70 and sunny outside, I’d probably be singing a different tune, but it will be a few months before that happens. For now I’ll be happy to be inside and working on the computer! 🙂

I’ve got a couple of last shots from out West from Jan and I. Sure there’s 1000’s of images from our Western road-trip a month ago, but we don’t want to burn anyone out with them.

It’s time to get to work and the computer is waiting. We hope that you’re going to have a wonderful week as always and thanks for taking the time to check out our work!

Kev and Jan

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