Football is here!!!!!!

КартиниMonday morning Peoria greetings to all my friends in the USA and around the world!!!!!!

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the folks on the East Coast that had to deal with Hurricane Irene this past weekend. As the days go on, we’ll hear more about what happened and hopefully there won’t have been too much destruction and loss of life!

Yes, it’s finally my favorite time of year! Even though I love summer and the hot warm weather, buy the end of August, I’m ready for the humidity that we have to go away and the cooler temperatures that come in September and October to arrive. Along with the nicer weather it’s also the start of football season!! Yea!!!!!! The high schools played games this past weekend in Peoria and the college and NFL will start in another week and I can’t wait!!!

Speaking of Football, I was down in the St. Louis area last weekend on a shoot for my friends at Schutt Sports and we did a little softball, baseball and football shots. The baseball shots are fun, but we really get to have a good time with the football stuff. We are able to do a little “studio” type lighting for some of these shots and that’s a lot of fun! This time we also did some action stuff and that was really fun! Our models were young and when I would give them my trademarked phrase, “That was good, now do it again”, they would do it! I didn’t tire them out too bad!!!!!

Here’s a bunch of our snaps from the day and you’ll see that we got a lot of great shots!!!!!

Next weekend is Labor Day weekend for my friends here in the states, so if you’re going to be traveling have a great time and be safe!!!!!

Thanks as always for checking out my work and I hope that you have a great week!!!!!!!


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Mike Rowe, four times in a year!

икони на светциMonday morning Peoria greetings to all my friends around the world!!!!

I’ve been incredibly blessed to have had four opportunities to shoot with Mike Rowe this past year and I can tell you that it’s always a lot of fun!!!! I think the thing that amazes me is just how smart he is and he says things and pulls these references out from time to time and you think “I’m going to have to look that up when I get home”!

We shot last weekend in Peoria and and did a couple different shoots. The first was at Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman’s getaway place and Mike and Doug did a series of videos that will be shown on the web! It’s fun to watch these two guys working together becuase they both are really good and able to nail these clips in one take and that’s pretty rare in the video business. The other thing that I can see is that Mike and Doug seem to genuinely like each other and you’ll see that on the videos when they come out! At times they will both cut each other up and you can see that in some of my photos today as well!

The Second day’s shoot was spent out at Caterpillar’s Edwards Demonstration facility. On that day, it was mostly Mike solo and we did a bunch of different videos for the financial, mining and marine divisions. The marine stuff was really great and that will be wonderful on the video and I can’t wait to see that!!!!

Here’s a few snaps from the day and as always, you can see Mike and Doug’s personalities coming through!

I’ve also got a slideshow that I put together from the third shoot back a few months ago in Las Vegas with Mike as well!

Thanks as always for taking the time to check out my work and I do truly appreciate it!!!! I hope that you have a great week to come!!!!


PS, I had to get a new shot with Mike as well!!!!!!!

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The Old Bloomington Courthouse

иконописикониMonday morning Peoria greetings to all!!!!

I was over in Bloomington, Il. last week shooting at the old Bloomington Court for the attorneys at the law firm of Goldfine and Bowles. The courthouse is a now museum and there are a lot of cool things to see and check out! We were shooting in the main courtroom and it’s what you might imagine a courtroom to be! It takes me back to the days of Perry Mason!!!!!!

Here’s one of the images that we got and I really like all the old light fixtures and all the beautiful wood that’s all over the room!

Thanks as always for checking out my work and I hope that you have a great week as always!!!!!


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STL and the Arch!

Monday morning Peoria greetings to all!

One of my favorites cites here in the Midwest is St. Louis! Since it’s only a three hour drive from Peoria, it’s nice and close and you can pop down there for a nice weekend!!! The food on “The Hill” is outstanding and it’s just such an easy city to get around, it makes for a very nice weekend!!!

I put together another one of my time lapse slideshow and also one of my snaps of the Gateway Arch in Black and White for those that like that!

Thanks as always for checking out my photos and I hope that you have a wonderful week!!!!!


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Somedays are tougher then others!

Monday morning Peoria greetings to all!!!!

Somedays are tougher then others for photography and creating interesting photos can be a real challenge!!!! I had one of those days last week!!!!! I was shooting at a water treatment facility and the client took us around and gave us a quick tour of the place. It’s by no means the most glamourous place that you’ll ever come across and things were old and not in an interesting way. As I was thinking about what I was going to try and shoot, I was really stumped as to what I could show and what I was going to show! It really took me a bit to try and think of something and as always, I just started walking around with the camera and tripod and things started to come together. The other big problem that I had is that most of the processes that go on are internal, so you can’t really see what’s happening!

Here’s a couple of my snaps from the day and one of the things that I did was to convert the images to Black and White to try to give them a little more mood and drama!

Thanks as always for checking out my work and I hope that you have a great week!!!!


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