Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park

Sunday morning Peoria greetings to all!!!!!!

I was down in the Rend Lake area of Southern Illinois this weekend for an art show that my girlfriend Jan was showing her jewelry at. Once I helped her get the tent and booth set up, I was on my own for a few hours during the course of the day. I was able to get out and kill a little time at the Wayne Fizgerrell State Park which is next door to Rend Lake. I had a great time out hiking around and saw plenty of wildlife as well as all the flora and fauna!!!

Here’s a few of my snaps from Saturday out in the woods!

I hope that you have a great week to come and thanks as always for checking out my photos!


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Oklahoma City National Memorial

Monday morning Peoria greetings to all!

When I drive out West to visit my folks in New Mexico, I have my usual route along the interstate highways when I’m just trying getting from Peoria to Las Cruces in the shortest amount of time. Oklahoma City is one of those cities on my route where I’m just passing through and never really have had the time to stop and check it out! One of the places that I’ve always wanted to visit was the Oklahoma City National Memorial. I finally made time on my last visit out West and it was well worth the time. There is a serenity to the memorial and a calm in the air when you visit. It’s a place that you’re very quiet and respectful to honor the memory of those that were lost!

I was able to grab a few snaps while I was there in the daytime and night as well. One of the interesting things at the memorial are the field of empty chairs. There are 168 chairs and each chair represents one of the victims killed that day. At night, the chair are lit as you can see in my photo. Here are some of my snaps from that day!

Thanks as always for checking out my work and I hope that you have a great week to come!!!!


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Football and Sports Illustrated!

иконописMonday morning Peoria greetings to all!

When I was going to school, my goal was to shoot pictures for Sports Illustrated. I’ve always loved shooting sports photography and especially football. Long story short and I got into shooting commercial photography like I’m doing now and I love it. Despite not having all the big boy sports lens and cameras that are designed for that type of shooting, I still love to get out and shoot games on a Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately most high schools don’t play Saturday games until the playoffs start in November, so I have to wait till then to get my fix!

This past Labor Day Monday, Christmas came early for me! There was supposed to be a Saturday night game high school game that weekend with Metamora, Il. taking on South Elgin, Il., but severe weather (lighting) postponed the game until Labor Day Monday. The temperature was cooler then it’s been and it had all the atmosphere and feel of a November playoff game! It was a great afternoon to shoot and I got a few shots that I really liked!

Thanks as always for taking the time to check out my work and it’s very much appreciated by me! I hope that you have a great week to come!!!!


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Tee it up for the troops!

Post Labor Day weekend Peoria greetings to all!!!!!!!

Last week here in Peoria we had the third annual “Tee it up for the troops” (http://www.teeitupforthetroopsil.org/) fundraiser at three different Peoria golf courses (Mt. Hawley, Weaver Ridge and Peoria Country Club). The charity raises money to help members of the armed services that need some extra help after their service to our country. I shot photos of the morning events at Mt. Hawley Country Club and it was very cool! The morning golfers were all veterans and they were having a good time out on the course on a very beautiful day! At noon they had a ceremony to honor the veterans and also had a “fly over” that’s in one of my photos and that was incredible! All and all, I think that everyone had a great time and they raised a lot of money in a down economy and that says a lot about the people of Peoria!

I’ve got a nice selection of snaps from the morning and here they are!

I’ve also made up a nice wallpaper of one of my favorite shots of the day and it’s the shot of the American flag for the pins on the putting greens of each hole. Very nice indeed!!!!

High Definition Wallpaper http://kevinmay.com/highres.jpg

Standard Definition Wallpaper http://kevinmay.com/standardres.jpg

For my friends in the US, I hope that you enjoy this short work week and thanks as always for checking out my work!!!!!


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