My friend Mike Rowe!

Monday morning Seattle greetings to all!

I’ve been on a whirlwind tour of the USA this past couple of weeks with shoots in Texas, Las Vegas and now Seattle for the past couple of days!

I’ve got a friend named Mike, Mike Rowe to be official. Are we BFF? Probably not. Have we consumed adult beverages together? Yes! In the past year, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of doing three different shoots with Mike and I have to tell you that it’s one of the highlights of my photography career! We’ve had so much fun on these shoots and I laugh throughout the day and it’s a very good thing. There are so many “Mikeisims” that occur during a days shoot like these and it’s just so much darn fun!

Our shoot in Las Vegas this past week was wonderful and it’s just a pure joy working with Mike as it always is! We had a special guest for part of this shoot and it was Caterpillar’s CEO, Doug Oberhelman. Doug and Mike did a number of video clips together and as usual, I was there to capture these behind the scenes moments. You could tell that they both had a great time working together and it goes to show you that even CEO’s can be a little star stuck with someone like Mike!

I’ve got to get rocking and rolling becuase I’ve got a couple more days of shooting here in Seattle before heading back to Peoria for a couple of days and then I’ll be down to the southern hemisphere for a shoot in Brazil to start off April!!!!!

As always, I hope that you have a wonderful week and thanks as always for checking out my photos!!!!

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Remember the Alamo!

Monday morning Albuquerque greetings to all!

I was rocking and rolling down in Texas last week on a number of shoots and was able to grab a quick moment to get a couple of personal shots for me!  The Alamo is down in San Antonio and it’s one of those spots that has a ton of history and is worth checking out if you’re every down that way!!!!!!  Here’s one of my snaps from that night and it’s a minor miracle that I didn’t have anyone posing in this shot!!!!!  SOMETIMES YOU JUST GET LUCKY!!!!!!!   

Things are starting to heat up on the work front and that’s a great feeling after having a couple of down years!!!!!

Thanks as always for checking out my work and I hope that you have a wonderful week!!!!!


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Seven cars and trucks in 15 hours!!!!

Monday Texas greetings to all!!!!

First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan and this incredible tragedy of the past week! By no means is this all over and it’s going to be a very long process to rebuild the country and the people!!!!

I had a fun little shoot this past week for my friends at Green Chevrolet!
They brought seven cars and trucks into the studio for a quick two day shoot and I was able to do a nice little time lapse of entire process and what it took to shoot all of this!!!!! Here’s a great piece compressing the 15 hours down to two minutes!!!!!!!!

I’m hope that you have a great week as always and thanks for checking out my work!!!!


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Something out of nothing!

Monday morning Peoria greetings to all,

One of the fun and most challenging things that I have to do as a photographer is to make an interesting photo from something that might not seem all that interesting as a subject. My friends at Simformotion have come up with some new controllers for their motion simulators and brought them to the studio last week. After shooting some standard shots of the controllers, they wanted something a little more edgy, so I had to come up with something that made them look cool. A couple of ways that I can do this is through lighting and also selective focus of the camera. For these three controllers, I zoomed in on the handles and was able to add a little mood lighting and we were all good to go! Here’s a nice sample of the effect I got for these shots.

It’s always very gratifying to come away with something that you like and the client likes as well!!!!!

Thanks as always for checking out my work and I hope that you have a great week!!!!


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