Sometimes you just get lucky!!!!!!

Monday morning greetings to all!

I’ve got a quick snap for you from my farm shoot last week in Washington State.  This shot was a “bonus” shot and one that we wanted to get for couple of days, but the weather wasn’t cooperating.  On day three at the end of the day,  the clouds broke for about a half hour or so and we were able to snag it!  As you can see in the shot, the afternoon light was golden and prefect and our shot kind of reminds me of those Marlboro ads with the cowboy out in the Western U.S.

Thanks as always for checking out my snaps!!!!!


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The Pacific Ocean

Moses Lake Washington Monday greetings,

I’m out West this week for a shoot and I was able to sneak over to the coast for a few days to snap a few nature shots. Here’s one of my sunset snaps from the Pacific Ocean.

Thanks as always and have a great week!!!!!


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J. Buck’s

Sunny and warmer Monday morning greetings!

It sure is nice that here in Central Illinois we are start to get a littler warmer weather and spring is definitely on the way!

I was over in Bloomington, Il. on Friday afternoon shooting for Midwestern Family magazine at a new restaurant to our area, J. Bucks. For those of you that have been to St. Louis, Mo., you’re probably familiar with the Buck (Joe and Jack) broadcasting family and their restaurants. I can tell you that the food is outstanding and the beer is served just the way I like it, very cold and lot’s of it!

We did a real quick shoot and here’s one of the snaps from Friday. How’s a little Scallops wrapped in Prosciutto sound?

Have a great week as always!!!

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