Houmas House

Sunny Port St. Joe Monday morning greetings!

We were over in Darrow, Louisiana last week and visited the Houmas House Plantation and Gardens and I have to tell you it was pretty cool! We really lucked out and they stayed open past dark, so I was able to grab this great snap at sundown!

Thanks as always for checking out my work and I hope that you have a safe and fun New Years this coming weekend!


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Vicksburg, Mississippi

Sunny Monday morning Big Easy greetings to all!

It’s Christmas week and for most of you that means a short work week! Yea!!!!

It’s that time of year for me when things are very slow and it’s a great time to leave town and take a little vacation. Jan and I are down in NOLA this week and are going to get out and see the countryside and all that’s doing. On the way down here, we stopped in Vicksburg, Ms. and grabbed a few snaps including this one of the the old Vicksburg Bridge over the Mississippi River.

As always, if you’re traveling this Christmas week to visit those that you love and care about, be safe on the roads and in the air!

Have a wonderful Christmas week!


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Foggy Monday morning Peoria greetings to all,

I was out last shooting a Christmas card for the Peoria Civic Center last week and this is one of the snaps that I really liked!

Thanks as always for checking out my work and I hope that you have a great week!!!!


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Breaking even, a goal achieved!!!

Snowy Peoria Monday morning greetings to all,

I just got back to P-town last night after my three week road trip and I’m seeing snow on the ground! Yuck! I’m going back to a warmer climate!

I achieved a really big goal for the business last week and I didn’t think it was going to happen this year. At the start of every year, I have a goal to do as well as I did the year before and in past years, I’ve been pretty good about making that goal. For 2009, I knew that doing what I did in 2008 was going to be virtually impossible looking at the economic storm clouds that were coming. I set the goal for 2009 to just break even as a business, I’ve never come close to setting the bar that low before. By the end of the 1st quarter, business was off 85% for the year and I thought for sure I wouldn’t make it. By the end of the summer, things were looking a lot better and I had a good sumer and that really helped greatly. At that time I thought realizing my goal was going to be a piece of cake. I was wrong! By the end of October, I was still short of the goal and knew that if I didn’t make it by Thanksgiving, it probably wasn’t going to happen. Last week I was down in Atlanta on a shoot and I realized the goal.

2009 is going to be a year that a lot of people are going to want to forget and move on from. A lot of very good people lost jobs and good business’s closed!!!!!! 2010 is looking a little brighter and let’s hope that it is. I will remain optimistic that we’ll all be in better shape next year! The goal for next year will be to break even once again!

Before I headed to Atlanta last week, I was able to drive through Destin, Fl. and grab a couple of snaps and here’s one of those of HarborWalk Village

Many thanks to all of my wonderful clients that hired me this year and helped me achieve this incredibly important goal!


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