Nyon, Switzerland

Monday morning greetings to all,

This past weekend I started to look though some of my snaps from my most recent shoot this past month and I’ll be looking for a long time!!! I can’t believe how many thousands and thousands of images that there are and it’s going to take awhile to view them all. I’ll have to work on one of my slideshows and condense it down a bit!!!

Here’s a quick panoramic from Nyon, Switzerland. If you’re ever in the area, it’s well worth a visit. The town is very cool and right on Lake Geneva as you can see in my snap. We stopped here for some dinner after a long day of shooting and we arrived at the perfect time for photos!

There’s always more to come, so have a great week!!!!!!


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One lap around the world!!!!!

Monday morning greetings from back home in Peoria!!!!!!!!

I can’t tell you how good it is to be back home and sleeping in my own bed!!!!!!

How’s this for a schedule, we flew 25,593 miles and shot in six countries (Switzerland, Mail, U.A.E. (Dubai), Philippines, Hong Kong and China) in 26 days!!!!! To say that it was a whirlwind tour of the world is a complete understatement! The shoot still seems very surreal and I can’t believe all the things that we got to see on this road trip!

On my last day in Beijing, I was able to get out and see the Great Wall and was in complete and utter awe for what these people did and how they put this together!!!! To undertake a project like this today with modern machinery would be incredible, but these people did this hundreds and hundreds of years ago and did it with their bare hands!!!!! We walked up one of the peaks on the other side of the valley and you could see the wall going for miles and miles in this photo!!!! If you’re ever in Beijing, I can’t recommend seeing the Great Wall enough!!!

Thanks as always for checking out the shots of my trip and if you missed seeing anything, you can go to the web site and my shots are posted there as well!!!!

Now it’s time to get to work!!!!!!!!!! Have an outstanding week as always!!!!!


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My last day and I’m coming home!

Friday morning greetings from Beijing!!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe that today is my last day here in Beijing and I’ll be heading back to Peoria tonight!!!!! This has been an absolutely incredible shoot and I can’t believe al the countries that we saw and and all the very nice people that we’ve met along the way!!!! I think that it’s going to take a few weeks to just digest all the stuff that we’ve seen!!!! The funny thing is that we’ve shot so many pictures, it’s hard to remember what we even shot in Geneva almost a month ago!!!!!!

Here’s a quick shot from the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. This is one of those places that’s truly very special and well worth a visit if you’re ever in the neighborhood!!!!!!!

All my best as always and I’m having a big cookout on Saturday night (along with a couple of cold Miller Lite’s)!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be good to be home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Monday afternoon greetings from Beijing, China!!!!!!!!!!!

We just rolled into Beijing this afternoon from Hong Kong and we’ve got a few more days of work before coming home at the end of the week (Yea)!!! We made a quick two day stop in Hong Kong and I have to tell you that it’s one amazing city!!!! I will be going back there at some point in the future to see more of it and to photograph it because there is just so much to see and do!!!!!!!

As always, have an outstanding week!!!!!


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A money night shot!

Thursday evening greetings from Manila,

We got into Manila this morning and have already had a great day of shooting (we’re all a little tired from the flight from Dubai)! Here’s one of my quick snaps from Dubai and if you’re going to shoot one landmark night shot, the Burj Al Arab would have to be the shot! As you can see from this snap, the hotel is pretty stunning!!!!!!

We’ll be in Manila for one more day of shooting and then off to Hong Kong on Saturday. This road trip is almost done and we’ll be back to Peoria a week from Friday (Yea)! There’s lots more good shots to get, so it’s time for bed and off again tomorrow for more fun and games!!!!!

Thanks as always and have a great weekend!!!


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Africa and Dubai

Sunday evening greetings to all from Dubai!!!!!

We are rocking and rolling here in Dubai and have already gotten a days work already under our belts. I have to tell you that it’s completely surreal being here right after Mali, Africa a few days ago.

I’ve got a couple of snaps for you from a small village a few hours north on Kayes, Mali. We were going to shoot at a gold mine about five hours north of Kayes on the worst road that I’ve ever been on. From the time we left Kayes, we were on a dirt road that had pot holes the size of small cars!!!!! After getting bumped and banged around the car for a few hours, I saw a couple of great shots coming into this small village. We stopped for a few moments and were greeted by these small children. I have to tell you that it was incredibly cool and it was something that I will never forget!!! We were only there for about ten minutes, but I wished that I could have stayed there for hours.

The thing that also blows me away is coming from Mali, Africa (ranked at 174 out of 177 as one of the poorest countries in the world) to Dubai where everything is completely over the top. I don’t think that I would have felt the same way if I had come directly from the US first! To see people that have nothing and then see people with everything is really eye opening. I can’t even begin to tell you how much you will appreciate all that you have in your life when you see those with nothing!

It’s time to get to work, day two in Dubai starts in about an 15 minutes!!!!!!

Have a great week as always and I’ll have shots from Dubai next week!!!!


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Chamonix, France

Monday greetings to all from what seems like the top of the world,

Here’s a snap from Aigulle Du Midi that will blow your doors off!!!! On Saturday, we were shooting in the small town of Chamonix, France and were incredibly fortunate to be able to ride the trams to the top of the mountain to Aigulle Du Midi. They have an incredible complex built on the top of the mountain and the views are breathtaking as you can see from the photo. One interesting note is to see the people out hiking on the Geant Glacier and you can see them in the middle bottom of this photo. I think you’ll be seeing a big print of this shot at my studio when I get back!!! The views were indeed spectacular and incredible!!!!!!

We’re leaving Geneva, Switzerland today to fly down to Mali, Africa and this part of the shoot should be very interesting! I have a feeling that things are going to be pretty primitive and we might have a story or two because of it!!!!

Thanks as always for taking time to check out my snaps!!!! I really enjoy sharing them as you can tell!!!!! Have an interesting week, because you know I will!!!!!


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