Destin, Fl. and Christmas

Monday Christmas Eve greetings,

It’s time for the annual year end vacation and this year Jan and I are back in Destin, Fl. It’s going to be a little cooler than normal (where’s all that global warming that I’ve been hearing about), but it’s going to be a heck of a lot warmer than Peoria!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!

If you’re traveling for the Holidays, please be safe!!!!!!!

All my best as always and have a wonderful week,


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Swimming and the Boy Scouts

Monday morning greetings to all,

Here’s a quick feel good story to get your week started off. I shot some photos last week for the Boy Scouts on a story that they are doing on this father and son. The son was going to Canada last summer for a scouting trip, but all the scouts had to be certified swimmers so that they could go swimming and canoeing. This young man didn’t know how to swim, but starting taking the classes to learn. His dad also didn’t know how swim (a fear he had since he was a young child) and was so impressed with his son learning to swim decided to take the classes as well.

Both the father and son are certified swimmers!

Have a great week as always!!!!!!!!!!


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Sunny Monday morning greetings!!!!!!

I’ve got nothing to say this week (that’s a first)!!!!!!!

Have a great week and check out this Hummer H3 with a flame paint job that I shot in the studio this past weekend!!!


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