This will look good in two months!

Sunny Monday greetings to all,

We have an unbelievable week on tap with temps here in Peoria in the mid 60’s and sunny, so it should be outstanding!

Here’s a quick snap from a couple of weeks ago in the Everglades in South Florida and I can guarantee you that in about two months this scene is going to look real good!!!!!! I might just have to take a road trip back down there in December!!!!

Have a great week as always!!!!!

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Lions, Tigers and Alligators? Oh My!

Monday morning greetings from back in Peoria!

I was down in S. Florida on a shoot last week and was able to spend a little time after the shoot doing some nature photography. I was in Everglades National Park and along with a lot of swamps and grasslands, I met a few new friends. I was driving along one of the roads and saw an alligator in the water and wanted to get a quick photo of him (or her, how do you tell?). I was standing on the bank of the river and this alligator is about 20 ft. from me and that was close enough. Then I start to notice another one coming towards me and then another and then another. There ended up being five alligators right in my general vicinity by the time it was all said and done. I think that they were lining up for “feeding time at the zoo” and I was the snack! It’s one thing to see wild animals at the zoo, but completely another in the wild. I have to tell you that it’s a little bit unnerving to stand that close to something that could chomp you down in a couple of bites!!!!!!

It was great being down there and fun as you can imagine!!!!

Time to get to work, have a great week as always!!!!


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My kind of town…

Monday morning greetings,

I was shooting up in Chicago last week and one of the great perks was the opportunity to shoot from the John Hancock building! As you can tell from this shot, the city of Chicago looks pretty damn good!

I’m leaving this afternoon for a shoot at Marco Island, Fla. this week, so that should be a blast!

All my best as always and have an outstanding week!!!!!!!

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I hope you’re hungry!!!!!

Monday morning greetings to all!

I can believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner in less than seven weeks!!!! Where did the sumer go?????

I was doing a little food photography for Midwestern Family Magazine a couple of weeks ago. Since we were shooting a Thanksgiving dinner, it got me to thinking and wondering where the summer went and how it was here and then gone!!!!! Oh well!!!!!!

Here’s a quick snap of all the yummy Thanksgiving turkey and fixings and I hope that you’re not too hungry after seeing this!!!!!

Have an outstanding week as always and thanks for checking out my snaps!!!!!!

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Peoria skyline at night!

Monday morning greetings to all!

With the weather starting to turn for the better (lower humidity and temperatures), it’s getting to be time to start shooting some fall photos outside. We’re still a few weeks away from the leaves turning at their peak, but this weather is making for better outside shots! Here’s a quick snap of the Peoria skyline from last week!

I’ve got another crazy rocking week and after working all weekend, I’m ready for a vacation! Oh, I forgot I was just on vacation, oh well!!!!!!

Thanks as always and have a great week!!!!

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