Performance Pattern and Machine

СВЕТИ ГЕОРГИMonday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!!!!!

I was out shooting for a new client here in Peoria last week and I got to do a little industrial photography and it’s been awhile since I’ve shot anything like this! Performance Pattern and Machine is one of those companies that you’ve probably never heard of (I sure hadn’t), but they are out there getting the job done! They make parts for some of our local Peoria companies as well as others around the US and the world! I’m always fascinated about companies like this because they are out there doing good work and you just never hear about them because they’re not a fortune 500 company! I know that we have a lot of these little companies around the US that employ a lot of people and that’s a very good thing!!!

Here’s a few of my snaps from my visit last week to PPM!

As always, thanks so much for checking out my work and I really do appreciate that!!!!

Have a great week!!!!!


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Tucson Botanical Gardens

художник на икониMonday morning Peoria greeting to all my friends here in the US and around the world!!!

You’re probably tired of seeing pictures from Tucson and I promise that this will be the last week that I’ll share anything from this past trip there!!! That is of course until the next time that I visit and have more snaps to show! In the ten days that I was out in Tucson in December, I shot over 75 gigabytes of photos, so needless to say I had a lot to share!

One of those places that we got the chance to visit once again was the Tucson Botanical Gardens. It’s always a fun place with lots of different vegetation and an incredible cactus area with cactus from around the world! Here are some of my snaps from a day spent at TBG!

Thanks as always for checking out my work and I hope that you have a wonderful week!!!!!


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Pima Air and Space Museum

ИконописMonday morning MLK Peoria greetings to one and all!!!

On my trip down to Tucson, Az. a few weeks ago, I shot about 75 gigabytes of photos, so I’ve got lots to go through and lots to share and I have to tell you, it’s a lot of fun!!!!

In Tucson, one of the places that I’ve always wanted to check out has been the Pima Air and Space Museum! For those that have never been there or heard about it, It’s a collection of over 300 vintage aircraft and helicopters spread out on 80 acres of land. I’ve always been fascinated with things that go fast and airplanes qualify on all counts for me! The thing that I like about this museum is that you can walk around at your own pace and check out the different displays and you can get right up to most of the planes and touch them if you’d like They’ve really done a nice job of displaying everything and there’s lots of information on each of the planes if you’re so inclined to learn more! If you’re like me, you can spend more then a day here and next time I visit, I’ll be getting the two day pass!

I’ve put together a quick collection of snaps from the day of some of the very different planes and helicopters at Pima! As always, I’m attracted to shoot these different goodies because of some of their design elements. In some cases they are very sleek and the shapes are fascinating and intriguing. The colors and the shadows were great as well, so as a photographer, there’s a lot to shoot there!!!!

I hope that you have a wonderful week as always and thanks for checking out my work! I hope that you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoy sharing it with you!


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“White Dove of the Desert”

Monday morning Peoria greetings to all!!!!

When I came back from Arizona last week, I was expecting to be freezing my butt off with winter weather and to my surprise, it’s been pretty mild here in Peoria and I’m not complaining a bit! Winter can be 40 or 50 degrees and I’d be a real happy camper!!!!

While we were in Tucson over Christmas one of my favorite places to visit and shoot is Mission San Xavier del Bac. When we talk about something being “old school”, this place is it! The mission was built in 1797, so that’s been awhile to say the least!!!! Here are some on my snaps from the day and you’ll see the entire grounds in front of the mission. There are also some close ups of the inside and also a few of the features that I liked on the outside as well!

If you’ve got a bigger monitor, do yourself a favor and click on the link and check out the larger version of the promo!

Thanks as always for taking the time to check out my work and I hope that you have a wonderful rest of the week!!!!


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I love this town!

Monday morning greetings from Tucson, Az.!

It’s the first promo of 2012 and I hope that you’re rocking and rolling already in the new year!!!!!

I love Tucson, Az.! I’ve been here a number of times for business over the years and on vacation a number of times as well!!! It’s probably the town that I’ll retire too when the time comes!!! After being here for the Christmas and New Years vacation this year, it just cements my feeling for the area! As you might know, I love the desert and this place just feels like home to me!!!!

Here’s a snap of the city and it’s a very nice panoramic of the city and the mountains!!!

Thanks as always for checking out my work this past year and it’s very much appreciated by me!! As always, I’m looking forward to 2012 and what adventures it will bring!!!! I can’t wait to share that with you this coming year!!!! I’ll be back in Peoria on Tuesday night and ready to rock on Wednesday of this week!!!!!!


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