Doing what we’ve got to do!

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You can trust your car to the man who wears the star!

Monday morning greetings to one and all!

We were rocking and rolling with all kinds of different gigs this past week, so things are still crazy busy. I continue to be amazed how much is going on and we have been doing our best to keep caught up on everything!

One of the gigs this past week was a number of shoots for our friends at Homeway Homes. Homeway is a great company here in Central Illinois that builds houses and also commercial buildings. We have been traveling around Central Illinois shooting photos and video testimonials from Homeway customers for a couple of weeks now. One of our stops was the town of Dwight, Illinois about halfway between Chicago and Bloomington on I-55. Dwight was also one of the many towns along famous Route 66 and one of the spots is the historic Ambler’s Texaco Gas Station. Ambler’s Texaco stopped pumping gasoline in 1999, but it has the distinction of being the longest operating gas station along Route 66. It’s also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Here’s one of the snaps from our visit to Ambler’s Texaco in Dwight, Illinois.

Thanks as always for checking out our work and we hope that you have a great week to come!!!

Kev and Jan

PS, for those of you not old enough to remember the title of this promo, here’s a Texaco TV commercial from the 1960’s

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FTW Stockyards

Monday morning greetings to one and all!

Well it sure was one crazy week last week! Lots of shoots, traveling and time spent at the airports and it was good to get back home this weekend. Of course that didn’t mean it was a leisurely weekend, with shoots on Saturday and Sunday and a bunch of computer time spent editing photos and videos from the past week. All and all it was a very good week, so we’re not complaining!

One of the things that we were able to do last weekend in Texas was get out and shoot some personal photography as we talked about in last Monday’s promo from the Dallas Arboretum. One of the other places that we got to spend some time shooting at was the historic Ft. Worth Stockyards. It’s one of those areas that’s got a great mix of old buildings and lots of history and that makes for some fun photography. To me, seeing small details that others might see but pass over is always one of those things that I know that we are looking to photograph!

Here’s a few of our snaps from a day spent at the FTW Stockyards.

It’s time for us to get busy, we’ve got another cranking week of work so we can’t be messing around!

We hope that you have a great week to come and thanks as always for checking out our work!

Kev and Jan

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Red Power Round-up in Madison, Wisconsin

Sunny Monday morning Peoria greetings to all,

I had a crazy week last week, but it was fun! One of the things that I got to shoot was the Red Power Round-up in Madison, Wi. and the event is all things International Harvester and put on by the IH Collectors Club. It’s a three day event and in those three days, I shot over 500 different machines from turn of the century tractors to trucks to lawn mowers. We set up a makeshift studio indoors and the people would drive in their machines and we’d shoot them. You could see that these people have a real passion for this and there is also an incredible amount of time and money that goes into restoring these beautiful vehicles! The other thing that I got from chatting with some of the different exhibitors is the pride that they have in their vehicles from the smallest goodie to the biggest tractors that we saw! Here’s a nice montage of snaps from the event!

Thanks as always for checking out my snaps and I hope that you have a wonderful week!


P.S. In the bottom right photo, you’ll see me with one of the smallest tractors that you’ll ever see!

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Side Trips

Monday morning greetings from Las Cruces, N.M.

One of the things that I have always tried to do when I’ve been on a road trip for work in the past (when time allows) is to try and get out and shoot some pictures in a city that I’m working in. This doesn’t always happen because of a busy schedule or the weather isn’t great for taking photos. I have learned that if you don’t get out and enjoy some off time, your road trip won’t ever be a lot of fun!

Jan and I were down shooting photos for a client in Oklahoma which we featured in last week’s promo. We had great weather and it sure made a difference in how our photos turned out! We ended up making a side trip on the way home and spent a day in Oklahoma City. Jan had never been to the OKC Memorial and I wanted her to see it and to also be able to take some photos there as well. For those that haven’t been there, it’s very powerful and moving at the same time. I don’t know how you could go there and not think about what happened all those many years ago. We ended up taking photos for a couple of hours and each of us went our own way and photographed what we wanted. All and all, a number of great images for our time at the OKC Memorial.

Here’s a couple of images from each of us and what we saw that day.

We hope that you’ll have a great week to come and thanks as always for checking out our work!

Kev and Jan


Saturday in the park

Monday morning Dallas, Tx. greetings to one and all!

Jan and I are down in the Big D area for a couple of days for a shoot. We arrived on Friday to be able to get out and shoot some images for ourselves. As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, when we are really busy, we don’t have much time to work on personal photography projects. When we have the chance to get out and shoot like this, it helps recharge the creative batteries and that’s really needed for the day to day photography and video that we are doing. I think that it helps bring a fresh perspective to everything that we do and that’s why it’s important to get out and shoot like this!

We spent this past Saturday afternoon at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens; everything couldn’t have been better! Lots and lots of sunshine and the temperature in the low 80’s with no humidity! That’s a pretty perfect day in the world that I live in! One of the things that was pretty neat about this visit is that they are having their Autumn at the Arboretum festival. Over 75,000 pumpkins were brought in for garden and landscape decorations! Needless to say, for us in Central Illinois with Morton, Illinois being the pumpkin capital of the world, seeing lots of pumpkins like this is the norm, but for the people of Dallas it’s a pretty big deal! They really did an outstanding job with all the decorations and displays. It made for some great photography!

Here’s a few of our shots from a great Saturday spent at the Dallas Arboretum!

We hope that you have a great week and thanks as always for checking out our photography!!!!

Kev and Jan

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