A historic day in Peoria

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!!!

Well this past Friday all the anxiety and fears about Caterpillar staying in Peoria or moving somewhere else were answered in a historic press conference at the Caterpillar Visitors Center. Cat is going to stay in Peoria and they are also building a brand new world headquarters here as well! A couple of years ago Cat announced that they would be doing a study to determine what their options would be in terms of a new facility or a renovation or that they could leave all together. The state of Illinois hasn’t had a pro-business climate for a number of years now and there are a lot of states that are much more pro-business. I’m sure that the offers that Cat received from other states and even countries to have the world headquarters would have been numerous and I’m sure that they had to really think about what would be best for the company. We are very fortunate that they are not only staying, but also going to completely change the face of the city and the skyline of Peoria!

I can only begin to imagine the shot in the arm that this project will have on our local economy. To think of what Cat will be doing, but then also what other businesses will do now knowing what Cat’s plans are for the area. We are going to see new construction and business coming into the downtown area because of this headquarters that will be right downtown. I can also see more retail stores along with restaurants and bars as well. I have a feeling that in ten years when this project is all done, it will be hard to remember what our city looked like, but everyone will be so proud of what it will become! This will be a jewel no doubt about it!!!

Alright, here’s a bunch of snaps from the historic press conference at the Caterpillar Visitors Center this past Friday. You’ll see photos of our new Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner along with some of our local politicians and a few of our friends from Caterpillar as well!

For those of you not in Central Illinois, he’s a great link with a computer generated look at what the new world headquarters will look like and also how it’s going to transform the city of Peoria! http://youtu.be/JV3FfmAnNnI

Alright, it’s time to get busy and the city of Peoria is moving forward with a little more pep in our step this week! We hope that you have a very wonderful week as always and thanks for checking out these photos!!!

Kev and Jan

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Western Sunsets

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Wasted on the Young

Monday morning greetings from Genesse, Colorado!

Well it’s been a great week out West and it’s time to be heading back home to Peoria today! After spending most of last week in Moab, Ut. shooting nature photography at some of the different locations in the area, we headed to Boulder, Co. for a photo shoot on Saturday with our friends from Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine. I have known for a long time that being able to get out and shoot nature photography is the way that I can recharge my creative batteries. It’s something that takes me back to photography as a hobby and to be out shooting personal photography like that really gets me excited about doing my photography for clients!!!

On Saturday after shooting for MQU magazine, we were able to get out for a little more personal photography. “Wasted on the Young” is a Denver based band that has been rocking for a number of years. It’s a group of musicians that are of that age when music was music and I have to say that Jan and I are in that age group as well! We are talking about the over 50 crowd and what we now call “Classic” music was the music that we grew up with. I like to think that the music isn’t limited to Rock and Roll, but all the other genres of music from that time. We are talking about the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond! “Wasted on the Young” is one of those bands that is still kicking out the jams. It’s a group of musicians that are playing for the joy of the music and not for the money. In some ways it’s how I feel about my photography and the joy that I get from doing my personal photography.

Here are a few of Jan and my photos of the members of “Wasted on the Young” and the fun that we shared with them this past Saturday night.

Here’s a link for the band’s Reverbnation page and you can see what they are up to as well! http://www.reverbnation.com/wastedontheyoung

We hope that you have a wonderful week as always and thanks for checking out our work!!!

Kev and Jan

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Moab, Ut.

Monday morning greetings from Moab, Ut.!

It sounds like my friends in Central Illinois got pounded with a fair amount of snow this weekend! I feel somewhat bad, but not that bad that I’m going to be rushing home anytime soon! Yes, I’m horrible!

We are out West, so we’re avoiding all the fun with the weather back home. We’ve got a few days of shooting lots of nature photography here in Utah and are really looking forward to it before heading back onto Colorado for a gig next weekend!!! To me that’s a big part of life is to be able to get out and shoot some personal photography and recharge the creative batteries. We love shooting for our clients and helping them out and then to be able to get out and shoot some personal photos is always wonderful!!!!

We are starting something new this week! There will be some weeks where Jan and I are both out shooting photos, either for business or our personal photography and we want to share those with everyone. This is our first week of doing this and I think that everyone one will enjoy seeing how we both see the world differently! That’s why photography can be a wonderful thing because we all see things differently and in the world of creativity, we don’t have to do things the same way!!!

Here’s a couple of photos from our drive on Sunday from Colorado down to Moab, Ut. The first photo is a black and white photo of Jan’s from Fisher Towers and the second photo is my shot of the Colorado River and the bike path that runs along it just north of Moab, Ut.

We hope that you have a very wonderful week as always and thanks for checking out our work!!!!

Kev and Jan

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