Garden City

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

It’s Easter week and I have a feeling that there’s going to be a lot of people off of work and school taking advantage of the spring break! I was out at the airport on Saturday picking up some of my photo gear that didn’t make it back with me on a late Thursday night flight from Canada because of weather issues and I saw a bunch of families all packed up and excited and ready to head out on vacation, so I’m sure there’s going to be a bunch of people traveling this week!

A few weeks ago Jan and I were down along the South East coast and these past few weeks we’ve been sharing some of the photos from that trip! This week’s photos are from the Garden City of Savannah, Georgia. As always, we had a great time walking around checking out the city and shooting photos. The photo that I’m sharing is from the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and Jan’s photo is from the Telfair Academy building at the Telfair Museums.

If your Easter week includes some travel, have a safe journey! For the rest of us we’ll be holding down the fort while you’re gone! Have a great week and thanks for checking out our work!

Kev and Jan

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Hunting Island

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

A week ago we were down South on the East coast and we were able to get out for some nature photography and that’s always fun! We made a stop for the first time to Hunting Island, South Carolina along the Atlantic Ocean to check that area out. One of the things that I really liked is that it’s a bit remote and so there weren’t a lot of people there that day. It’s one of those places that you are making the trip to see because it’s not like you can drive along the coast and stop in and check it out! They have a lighthouse there on Hunting Island and Jan and I love to shoot the different lighthouses around the country and that’s why we made the drive. After shooting some shots of the lighthouse, we made our way down to the beach and one of the interesting things that we saw was an area on the beach where a bunch of very large trees had all washed up. It wasn’t like there were a couple of trees, it was more like there were 50 or 60 trees. They must have washed up onto the shore from a past hurricane or a pretty good storm. We were there for a couple of hours and I think we’ll have to go back again at some point down the road and spend a little more time exploring the area!

Here’s a couple of our shots from the beach at Hunting Island.

Thanks for checking out our photos as always and we hope that you’re going to have a great week to come!

Kev and Jan

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A early spring break!

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Monday morning greetings to one and all!!

We got to have some fun last week shooting some stills and video of the new Slingshot vehicle at Cupi’s Motor Mall down in Pekin, Illinois. For those of you that have never seen one of these, the Slingshot is classified as a motorcycle, but you sit in it like you would a car. It’s an open air vehicle, so it would be great on a sunny and warm day! The design of the Slingshot is very angular and in some ways it reminds me of a Lamborghini exotic car. They told us that it’s wicked fast from 0-60 mph, so it sounds like an adrenaline rush to say the least!

We’ve put together a rough TV spot for Cupi’s that we should be able to share in the coming month and we really had fun shooting it and editing that together! Here’s a few of the still shots that we got and you can see just how much fun the Slingshot is!

Thanks as always for checking out our work and we hope that you have a very wonderful week!!!

Kev and Jan

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