The 80’s and C & W

Tuesday greetings to all!

It’s great having a short week and I keep thinking that it’s Monday!!!!! I got to shoot some great shots with a couple of C & W guys that I shot a million years ago back in the 80’s when they were rocking out in a local Peoria band called “The Rave”. Well, the guys have grown up and now are doing a little C & W stuff. Here’s their Myspace page (The Webb’s) and also a photo of Greg and Jeff to check out!

Thanks as always and enjoy the short week!!!!!!!




Fun in the desert!

I had a shoot down out in the Southwestern U.S. a couple of weeks ago and was fortunate to have a little extra time to get out and shoot some nature snaps!!!!! As always, this is one of my favorite things to do and what I’ll be doing when I retire!!!! Yea!!!!!!!!

Have an outstanding week and very safe Memorial Day weekend!!!!!!!!!!



Panoramic Peoria Skyline

Monday greetings to all,

I got out early Saturday morning and got this great panoramic shot of the Peoria skyline. This one photograph is a series of 35 images that has been “stitched” together in the computer! The full res version of this shot is a staggering 22″ x 137″ at 300 dpi (786 megabytes).

Thanks as always and have a great week!!!!!


Click on link to see photo