The Greatest Show on Earth

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

Well we are back on the road this week with a couple of farming shoots here in the Midwest. We always enjoy getting out and talking with the different farmers that we will be working with this week and it should be a lot of fun!

After 146 years of entertaining boys and girls of all ages, Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus gave their final performance and took their final bow last night. It was an amazing run and it’s the end of an era and to me that’s a little sad. Long before there were video games and the internet, the Ringling Circus was a big deal and if they came to your town, it was a very big deal. The circus would travel by train and they would have a parade with the animals and performers from the rail-yard to the venue that they were playing that night. I can fondly remember this from my childhood and it was a very magical time for me.

I was incredibly fortunate to shoot some photos at a stop that Ringling Bros. made here in Peoria back in September of 2003. I had taken some portraits for one of the performers in the circus at my studio and he got me a pass to shoot the circus that evening. To be down on the floor shooting all the things that went on that night was very special and a memory that I’ll never forget. I even still have the Ringling coveralls that I had to wear since I was down on the floor of the arena with all of the performers.

Here’s a few of my snaps from that night 14 years ago at the Peoria Civic Center of “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

The Explorer is loaded with gear and it’s time for us to get out and do a little photography and video with our farming friends! We hope that you have a great week and if you’re traveling this coming Memorial weekend, make a safe one!

Thanks again!

Kev and Jan

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Small Town USA

Monday morning greetings to one and all!

Wow, the sun came out in Central Illinois and the end of this past week and what a difference it made in our attitudes! The whole weekend couldn’t have been nice with the temperatures in the high 70’s and abundant sunshine all weekend. It’s amazing how much you appreciate seeing the sunny skies and the warmer temperatures after going through a period of overcast and rainy days upon days upon days. Jan and I made the best of it and took a little road trip down South of Peoria to Jacksonville, Illinois. They are working on revitalizing their downtown area and you can see the progress that they are making and you drive around the city. Jacksonville’s got a small town square in the center of town and they have worked on rehabbing some of the older buildings and aren’t letting things deteriorate. We spent the afternoon walking around and shooting photos and it’s always so much fun for us when we get the time to do that!

Here’s a couple of our snaps from an afternoon spent in Jacksonville, Illinois.

We hope that you’re going to have a great week to come and thanks for taking the time to check out our work.

Kev and Jan

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