I’ll bring the snacks!!!!!!

Warmer Monday morning greetings to all,

The Super Bowl is next weekend, so you better start thinking about what you’ll be serving for food at the party!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll just hire the Gourmet Girls to fix my snacks!!!!

Thanks as always and have a great week!!!!

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It’s a heat wave!!!!!!!!

Somewhat warmer Monday morning greetings!!!!!!

After this past weekend of well below zero temperatures here in Peoria, it’s nice going to feel very balmy when the temperature reaches 30 today!!!! Break out the shorts and the sunscreen!!!!!

I’d rather be back in Florida!!!!!!!!

Have a great week as always!!!!


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The World 2007

Cold Monday greetings to all!!!!!

It only took me seven months to have time to go through some of my world images from my shoot last summer. I’ve put together one of my slideshows and posted it on Youtube and on the player below to check it out.

What I wanted to do with this slideshow is give you some quick little shots to get a feel for what some of these places and the people are like. The show starts at the La Coca River in Ecuador and ends at the Great Wall of China. If you like that, you’ll also find my entire portfolio of slideshows on my Youtube page as well.

Thanks as always and I hope that you enjoy the slideshow!!!!!!!

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Seaside, Fla.

Warm rainy Tuesday morning greetings to all,

Wow our weather is wacky ! Last week the wind chill in Peoria was well below zero and today they are calling for 60’s and thunderstorms, but I’m not complaining!!!!!!

Here’s a quick set of snaps from a couple weeks ago in Seaside, Fla. where it’s always nice!

Have a great week!!!!!

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Wow, it’s 2008!!!!!

Frigid Thursday morning greetings!

I can’t believe that it’s 2008, but I’m ready to rock and roll!!!!!!!!!!!!

The past two years have been incredible and I can’t believe all that I’ve done and seen! I’ve been all over the world on numerous shoots and have loved it!!! 2007 was my third best year in business (it’s been 18 years now, Wow!!!) and I’m always very fortunate for that! I’m completely jacked up are ready to see what this year holds and what opportunities will present themselves!

Thanks as always for checking out my snaps and I hope that you and those that you love and care about have a very safe and wonderful 2008!!!!!!!!!


P.S. Here’s a quick Sunset from last week in Port St. Joseph, Fla.

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