100 Grand 2/26/07

Monday morning greetings to all!

That’s right, a Steinway 7′ grand piano is around $100,000.00 while the full blow 9′ concert grand Steinway comes in at a whopping 150k (who knew pianos could cost so much)! Last week, WEEK-TV Productions rented my studio for a T.V. commercial for Horine’s Pianos Plus in Bloomington. For the T.V. commercial, they brought in a 7′ Steinway grand piano into the studio and my jaw dropped when I saw that puppy! Wow!!!!! The craftsmanship that goes into something that nice is completely amazing!!!!

I did the lighting for the spot (which is something different for me and fun to do as well) and then before they came to pick the Steinway up, I shot a couple of snaps for myself! As you can see from the results, when you start with something that looks so good, you get pretty pictures!!!!!!!!

Thanks as always and have a great week!!!!!


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