Halloween Hunt!!!

Monday morning greetings from Peoria!!!!!!!!!

It was an very beautiful weekend here in Peoria!!! Fall is in the air and with temps in the 50’s, it’s time to put that sweatshirt and jeans on!!!!! I really just love this time of year!!!! The humidity of summer is long gone and having the cooler temperatures is a wonderful change from summer here in the Midwest!!!

Wow, the Peoria Riverfront Museum is kicking things up and they had a great event yesterday! They hosted their first “Halloween Hunt” on Sunday and I’d say it was a huge success!!!!!! I saw lots of kids dressed up in costumes and also a few adults got into the swing of things as well!!!! They had all kinds of fun and educational things for the kids from a laser light planetarium show in the dome with Halloween music to science demos with dry ice (always a favorite of mine) and also real live bats!!!!!!!!!! The bats were very cool and the kids liked them!!!!! One of my favorite shots on this promo is the shot of the young man wearing his Batman custom and they hung a real live bat on him!!!! The funny thing was they asked him after how it was and he said, “his claws were sticking me, it hurt!!!” Priceless!!!!!!!

Lots of fun in P-Town yesterday at the museum and here’s a few of my snaps!!!!

Thanks so much for checking out my work as always and I hope that you have a wonderful week to come!!!!!


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