24 years and I’m still rocking!

Monday morning greetings to one and all!!!

Here it is my anniversary this week of working for myself and it’s been 24 amazing years!!!! It’s funny how time can go so fast for some things and for others it seems like just yesterday when it’s been all these many years ago!! Needless to say I’m incredibly blessed to be doing something that I so enjoy doing! I’m also very fortunate to have been able to make a living doing photography and taking that from a hobby to a profession. The business of photography is changing and it has been changing for a number of years now and being able to adapt and change has always been a big part of any business! The question that I now get a lot is how much longer am I going to continue doing photography before retiring. My answer has always been that I’ll keep doing it as long I’m enjoying it and once I’ve had enough, I’ll be shooting nature photography for myself in my retirement! For the time being, I’m not going anywhere!!!! 🙂

Speaking of work, I was out in the Scottsdale, Az. area shooting some photos for a client this past week and I’ll be sharing some of those photos when the magazine gets printed! One of the things that I’ve always enjoy doing is to try and shoot some personal images when time permits! In this case, I was staying in Fountain Hills, Az. and little did I know that they have the fourth tallest fountain in the world! Needless to say I had to get a shot of it and this image at sundown seems like the perfect image to finish off my 24 years in business!!!

Thanks as always for checking out my work every week and I hope that you enjoy seeing these images as much as I enjoy shooting them and sharing them with you!!!!

I hope that you’re going to have a very wonderful week!!!!


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