They are ready to go!!!!

Monday morning greetings from Holbrook, Az.!!!!

I’m on the road again this week and I sure like that!!!!! It’s been a few weeks since I was out of state on a shoot, so it’s nice to do it again!!!! If you do too much of anything it can get old, so to have a nice mix of work in town and out of town has always been wonderful in my eyes! The other thing that I like is that I can combine some work for my client with being able to shoot some nature photography for myself! It’s never upsetting when that happens! You’ll be seeing some of those snaps in the coming weeks!

Well in Central Illinois, our farmers are really chomping at the bit to get going and start planting their crops. Our winter has lasted way longer then it did last year, so they are really behind compared to 2013. Last year at this time most of the farmers were well on their way to getting there crops in the ground, while this year they haven’t even started! There is still some frost in the ground and the top soil is too wet to get the planting equipment in the ground! It will happen at some point, but probably not as early as any of them would like!!!!

Here’s a few of my shots from last weeks shoot for my friends at LG Seeds!!!!

I know I’m going to have a great week here out West and I hope that you do as well!!! Thanks for checking out my work and have a great one!!!!


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