A real man!!!

Monday morning greetings to one and all!!!

I was down in West Texas this past week on a shoot and it was hot, but it was also fun! I was shooting some oil workers in Big Spring, Tx. and this is real work! I can’t even begin to imagine what the conditions are like when the temperature is 100 degrees as it was for our shoot and these guys are out there giving it there all. I wasn’t doing anything and I was still roasting in the sun!!!! I guess that’s what you call being a real man!!!!! I’m very grateful that these men and women are out there getting the oil and natural gas that we need!!!

Here’s one of my shots of my buddy Mike who took good care of me while we were shooting 100′ up in the oil rig!!!

I hope that you have a great week as always and thanks for taking the time to check out my work!!!!!


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