Haliaeetus Leucocephalus

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!!!!

And you’re probably wondering what the heck is a Haliaeetus Leucocephalus? Yes, it’s the American Bald Eagle!

It’s been that time of year when we can see the Bald Eagles here in Central Illinois. I was over at the Mississippi River this past week to try to find some eagles to photograph. It’s getting to be the end of the season when they are more visible, so with the cold weather and the rivers being iced over in spots it’s about as good a time as any.

If you’ve never seen a Bald Eagle in person, there are a couple of things that really stand out about them. The first thing is their size, they are a very large bird and if you’re able to get close to them, it’s very apparent. One of the other things that I really noticed is that when they are flying close by, you can hear the whoosh of the wind as they flap their wings. They are incredibly powerful and also can fly very fast!

Do yourself a favor if the opportunity presents itself and get out and see these birds!!! You won’t be disappointed!!!! Here’s one of my snaps from last week of our national symbol!!!

I hope that you have a great week and thanks for checking out my work!!!


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Hannibal, Mo. and a Sunday drive!

Monday morning Peoria greetings to all!!!!

I remember as a kid when we as a family would hop in the car on a Sunday afternoon and take a nice “Sunday drive”. Back 40 years ago, gas was .30 cents a gallon and didn’t require a call to the banker to get a loan to fill up the car. You were able to go out and have a nice drive in the country for a couple of bucks and everyone had a great time! We can still take those drives on a Sunday afternoon today, but maybe not as often as we did when I was a kid!

We had another beautiful weekend’s weather here in Peoria, so we decided to take advantage of it and take a nice Sunday drive! We ended up down the road in Hannibal, Mo. and it’s one of those great Mississippi River towns! They have a great little downtown and it’s fun to walk around and check everything out!

Here’s a few of my shots from an afternoon spent in Hannibal, Mo.!!!

Thanks as always for checking out my work and I hope that you have a great week to come!!!


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Busch Stadium in STL

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!!!

Wow, the weather this past weekend in Peoria and St. Louis was outstanding! We had some rain and a wonderful Canadian cold front that pushed all of the heat and humidity out of the area. The temps were in the mid 70’s and it could have been nicer! We were able to get out of Peoria for a much needed weekend of R & R in St. Louis and it was great. It had been a couple of years since we’d been to a Cardinal game and the weather was perfect on Saturday night, so we grabbed some tickets and made a night of it! There are few stadiums that offer such a beautiful background as Busch Stadium and seeing the city of St. Louis and the Arch as the view is wonderful!!!!

I was able to get a great panoramic shot of the stadium and the city and that’s what I’m sharing with you today!

I hope that you have a wonderful week to come and thanks as always for checking out my work!


PS, Being a Cubs fan and having my horrible team hopelessly out of the playoffs, I didn’t shed to big of a tear when the Cardinals lost the game! he-he-he!!!!!!

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