Wasted on the Young

Monday morning greetings from Genesse, Colorado!

Well it’s been a great week out West and it’s time to be heading back home to Peoria today! After spending most of last week in Moab, Ut. shooting nature photography at some of the different locations in the area, we headed to Boulder, Co. for a photo shoot on Saturday with our friends from Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine. I have know for a long time that being able to get out and shoot nature photography is the way that I can recharge my creative batteries. It’s something that takes me to back to photography as a hobby and to be out shooting personal photography like that really gets me excited about doing my photography for clients!!!

On Saturday after shooting for MQU magazine, we were able to get out for a little more personal photography. “Wasted on the Young” is a Denver based band that has been rocking for a number of years. It’s a group of musicians that are of that age when music was music and I have to say that Jan and I are in that age group as well! We are talking about the over 50 crowd and what we now call “Classic” music was the music that we grew up with. I like to think that the music isn’t limited to Rock and Roll, but all the other genre’s of music from that time. We are talking 60′s, 70′s, 80′s and beyond! “Wasted on the Young” is one of those bands that is still kicking out the jams. It’s a group of musicians that are playing for the joy of the music and not for the money. In some ways it’s how I feel about my photography and the joy that I get from doing my personal photography.

Here are our a few of Jan and my photos of the members of “Wasted on the Young” and the fun that we shared with them this past Saturday night.

Here’s a link for the band’s Reverbnation page and you can see what they are up to as well! http://www.reverbnation.com/wastedontheyoung

We hope that you have a wonderful week as always and thanks for checking out our work!!!

Kev and Jan

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Moab, Ut.

Monday morning greetings from Moab, Ut.!

It sounds like my friends in Central Illinois got pounded with a fair amount of snow this weekend! I feel somewhat bad, but not that bad that I’m going to be rushing home anytime soon! Yes, I’m horrible!

We are out West, so we’re avoiding all the fun with the weather back home. We’ve got a few days of shooting lots of nature photography here in Utah and are really looking forward to it before heading back onto Colorado for a gig next weekend!!! To me that’s a big part of life is to be able to get out and shoot some personal photography and recharge the creative batteries. We love shooting for our clients and helping them out and then to be able to get out and shoot some personal photos is always wonderful!!!!

We are starting something new this week! There will be some weeks where Jan and I are both out shooting photos, either for business or our personal photography and we want to share those with everyone. This is our first week of doing this and I think that everyone one will enjoy seeing how we both see the world differently! That’s why photography can be a wonderful thing because we all see things differently and in the world of creativity, we don’t have to do things the same way!!!

Here’s a couple of photos from our drive on Sunday from Colorado down to Moab, Ut. The first photo is a black and white photo of Jan’s from Fisher Towers and the second photo is my shot of the Colorado River and the bike path that runs along it just north of Moab, Ut.

We hope that you have a very wonderful week as always and thanks for checking out our work!!!!

Kev and Jan

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Back in the studio

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

It has been awhile since I’ve done a product shoot in a studio. I sold my studio more then two and a half years ago and it’s been a great decision and no regrets for me! It’s so rare for us to be shooting products shots anymore and usually if we are doing something like that, it’s on location at the clients space. In some ways I think that this is becoming a lost art shooting product photography and making those products look nice with great lighting. Lighting is the key to any studio type shot if it’s a product or if we are photographing people.

This shot was more challenging then I thought it would be. We had a clear glass trophy that was engraved with type. At first I thought it would be a pretty easy shot, but soon found out that it was going to be more challenging then first thought. There’s type on the top and the bottom of the award and the type is on two different angles which added to the degree of difficulty for this photo. Like anything else when you’re doing work like this, it’s all about trail and error with the lighting. You first try what you think might look best and then you modify how you are lighting the product. At some point you have it looking as good as it can look in the time budgeted for the shot. With this award, there were many angles to it, so making sure that there weren’t any bad reflections was also a big concern!

Here’s the shot that we were able to come for this award and I think it looks pretty darn nice!!!!

Thanks as always for checking out our work and we hope that you have a great rest of the week!!!!

Kev and Jan

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Back in town!

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

It’s good to be home after being on the road for the first couple of weeks of the year! We do like road trips and it’s always good to get out of town for a few days. The shoot last week was in Bismarck, North Dakota and needless to say, being there in January can be a little chilly! Most of the shoot was inside, so it wasn’t too bad, but we did need to grab an outside beauty shot of the St. Alexius Medical Center. To get some really nice color in a night shot, you need to have a clear sky and in the winter time the temperature can really plummet. We got the camera set up and then had to wait for the right time to shoot. It took about an hour to get everything just perfect, but it was well worth the wait. I think that the temperature was around zero and with the wind chill, it was probably about -15 below zero. Being all bundled up really helped, but with no protection on the face, things did get a little bit chilly!!!! Oh well, it’s worth it when the shot works out the way that you know it will!

Here’s our shot of the St. Alexius Medical Center in Bismarck, North Dakota!

The weather looks to be very nice in Central Illinois this week, so enjoy that it’s not freezing cold out there!!! Thanks and have a great week to come!!!!

Kev and Jan

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Thinking of spring!

Monday morning greetings from a cold Bismarck, ND!

What an incredible response to last weeks promo announcements! With everyone checking out the announcements, our website (http://blog.kevinmay.com/) doubled it’s busiest day ever and that is completely amazing ! We did have a few people thinking that we’re not going to be shooting still photography anymore since we are now shooting video. Don’t worry, we can see this being a 50/50 split between stills and video at some point down the road, but we’ll always do what the clients want us to do!!!!

We’ve been very fortunate this winter to not get blasted with a lot of snow and cold early in December like we did last year. We did have some snow and cold this past week, so in some ways we are a little bit spoiled in that regard. It does make us think of warmer spring days that are coming and maybe in some cases not soon enough for our liking. That’s ok, if we don’t have record snow fall like we did last year in Central Illinois, we won’t complain at whatever we do get!!!

Thinking of warmer days makes us think of spring time and all the things that happen when things warm up!!!! Once of those on going projects that we’ve worked on is shots of the Central Illinois area for the Peoria Convention and Visitors Bureau. One of our shoots from this past fall was a shoot out at the beautiful Weaver Ridge Golf Club. We picked a perfect day to get out and shoot a few photos and it shows in the results that we got!!!! Here’s one of the photos from our gig at Weaver Ridge!

Ok, it’s time to get outside and freeze, but we are loving it regardless of the conditions!!!!! We hope that you’re going to have a wonderful week and thanks for checking out my work as always!!!!!

Kev & Jan

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Two big announcements

2015 Peoria greetings to one and all!

I hope that you had a wonderful and safe Holiday season between Christmas and New Years!

I’ve got two big announcements to start off 2015. Durning my 25 years of self-employment, one of the most asked questions that I’ve gotten is, “Do you shoot video?” and the answer till now has been no. Today, I’m officially announcing that the answer to the question “Are you shooting video?” is YES!!! This all really started with the advent of DLSR still cameras having the ability to shoot 1080 HD video, as well as shooting traditional still photography. For these past couple of years, as I have been doing a still shoot and saw that something would make a nice clip of video, I would get a little “B” roll for the client, as well. From there, this has mushroomed into some small video projects which have been helpful getting my feet wet in the world of video shooting. I now feel comfortable shooting video projects that are within my ability and if I can’t handle a project, I’ve got plenty of videographer friends that can handle a bigger project like that.

I’ve put together a demo reel with some of the things that I’ve been shooting these past couple of years and I’ve uploaded the reel to YouTube. Here’s a link for my demo reel! http://youtu.be/EQ5wCvyYDnE

The second big announcement is that I’m hiring Jan Ebling to work with me full-time. Jan has helped me in the past on a freelance basis, but now I can see where I need her help full-time. Besides assisting me, Jan will also be a second shooter on many of these shoots. Jan’s expertise of being a photo stylist for many years will be invaluable for numerous projects that we’ll be doing!

I’m incredibly excited about these two announcements and I know that this coming year is going to be a great one!!!! :)

I hope that you’re going to have a wonderful 2015 and we are both looking forward to helping out when needed!

Thanks again!


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That’s a wrap on 2014!

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

Well we are just about at the end of the 2014 and what a year it’s been! I have always likened the business of photography to riding a roller coster. When things are slow, the roller coster is climbing up the tracks and you never think you’re going to reach the top. When things are booming that roller coster is going a 1000 MPH and you never think it’s going to slow down! That’s how 2014 was in a nutshell! The first seven months of the year I couldn’t buy any work! It was slower then slow and I really was starting to question myself and thinking that maybe I was over the hill and it was time for them to put me out to pasture. Then the last week of July comes and the flood gates opened and there was more work then I could handle and not enough hours in the day to get everything done! Things have been so crazy since the end of July that I’m now just getting caught up on things that I’ve needed to get done for months! I’ll be using this week at the house to get caught up and hopefully be ready to rock for 2015! Already there is no sign of things slowing down next year and I’ve already booked a number of shoots in January and even into February! I guess that when it rains it pours!!!

Well here’s a look back at my year and they ten best photos of 2014. These are photos that mean something to me and I think “Wow, I took that!” I’ve made this into a PDF and it’s about 14 megabytes, so you’ll probably have to view it on a computer with a good internet connection.

Thanks again for being part of my year and sharing the adventures that I’ve been up too! There’s more coming and more fun to be had next year and I can’t wait to get started!!!!

Have a safe and fun New Years and we’ll see you next Monday in 2015!!!!


Click on link to see the PDF with the photos


Christmas Week

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

Well it looks like we’ve made it to the week of Christmas and that’s a good thing!!! We are starting to get to the point of the year when things are slowing down in terms of photo shoots and that’s a good thing. I’ve still got so much computer work to do and it’s going to take a number of days to keep banging on it to reduce the amount of stuff I’ve get done! In some ways, it’s good that things are a little slower and I’m able to regroup in the next few weeks and get everything cleaned up and be ready for 2015!!! The calendar is starting to fill up for January and that’s something that hasn’t happened in a number of years. It’s really a nice feeling to see that, but it also makes me realize that I really have to kick some butt these next two weeks and get my plate cleaned off and be ready to rock on January 2nd!!!!!

I hope that you and yours will have a very safe and wonderful Christmas week!!!!

Thanks as always for checking out my work, it’s very much appreciated by me!!!!


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Getting caught up

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!!!

Wow, it was a crazy week last week with a bit of travel and flight delays! That’s always fun to be thinking of plan B, C, D, E, and even F when things aren’t going the way that they are scheduled! Fortunately for us, everything came together and we were able to get our shoots done and that was a very good thing!

I spent this past entire weekend trying to get caught up on a ton of work that was piling up on my desk. Everything from bookwork, to billing to Photoshop. It can be amazing how much stuff like that is left undone while you’re on the road and then when you back back home and it’s still there and waiting for you! Anyone that travels for business knows what I’m talking about! I look at this as a good thing because it means that I’m busy and working and that’s always a very good thing! This week isn’t as crazy and I’ll still be working on a bunch of computer projects in my spare time between shoots!!!

One of the gigs that I was doing last week was shooting at a couple of mines in Kentucky (Coal) and Colorado (Gold). One of the most enjoyable things for me on a gig like this or any other gig is the people that you meet and get to talk too. It’s always a diverse group of people and some of them can be real characters and that’s what can make it fun. You get to hear their stories and they tell you what they do and I really enjoy that part of any shoot!!!!

Here’s one of my snaps from last week in Cripple Creek, Colorado with one of the machine operators from the mine!

I have a feeling that by next Monday’s promo, a lot of you might be having some time off with Christmas being just ten days away. I hope that you enjoy the time off and the week will be a good one!

Thanks as always for checking out my work and have a great week!!!!


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Monday morning greetings from Owensboro, Kentucky!

We’ll I’ve got one more crazy week of shoots and then it looks like things will be slowing down for the Christmas holiday season as it always does! I’ll push through this week and then from there it will be time to catch up with all the things that I’ve needed to get done and haven’t had time for these past five months! There’s a lot of little things that take a lot of time like burning discs of the jobs that I’ve been doing of late. It’s probably something that will take a number of days since I’ll be burning off about three terabytes of images 25 gigabytes at a time!!!! There’s a number of other things that I need to get done before we start with 2015 in about three weeks!!! Fun, fun, fun!!!! :)

On a recent trip down to St. Louis, we were able to get over to the Bellefontaine Cemetery to shoot a little personal photography. It’s not like visiting cemeteries is something that I do often, but when you come across a historic one like Bellefontaine, it’s worth a visit! As a photographer, some of the things that excite me are seeing the architecture and also the design elements at a place like this. There’s lots of old school influences and history going on and some of the things that you’ll see that aren’t done that way anymore. I’m a detail person, so when I see little details in how something was done or presented, it makes for a lot of great photos!

Here’s a few of my snaps from an afternoon spent at the Bellefontaine Cemetery!

Thanks as always for checking out my work and I hope that you have a great week to come!!!! :)


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