In the Limelight

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

Jan and I are rocking and rolling as always and things have been pretty darn busy of late and we can’t complain about that!

One of the things that I’ve always enjoy seeing is live music! It doesn’t matter what type of music it is, to see musicians playing live has a wonderful feel and there’s an energy that you get from them and their music. I can recall from my days here in Peoria when I was going to Bradley University, a bunch of us would get out to the Second Chance (for those from the Peoria area and also old enough to remember that place) and catch some local and regional bands. It was a great venue to see bands and I really miss the place! Well not to fear, it looks like we’ve got a place here in Peoria that’s fitting the bill as a local place to see live music. The Limelight is a entertainment complex on the North side of Peoria and it’s a great venue to catch live music. I was there for the first time yesterday for a “Generations” show with local bands from yesterday and today. My guys, The Rave who I’ve photographed for over 30 years and featured here on the blog were there and did a 10 song set of original music. Let me tell you from a photographic standpoint, 10 songs sounds like a lot of time to get photos, but it’s not! I was really banging the motor drive on the camera and trying to get as many images as I could in such a short amount of time! It was a great show and as always the guys rocked!!!!

Here’s a few of my snaps of The Rave rocking the Limelight!

Thanks as always for checking out the work and we hope that you have a great week!

Kev and Jan

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The Rave is back and better then ever!!!

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

I’m hoping that you were able to have a very wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend! These long weekends sure are nice and when you have the beautiful weather that we had here in Central Illinois for the weekend, that makes it’s even better!

Back in the middle of March I shared a promo about a band that I shot some pictures of called The Rave. Here’s the post from March if you’d like to refresh your memory I’ve been taking photos of these guys for over 25 years now and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. We got together back in March of this year to shoot some promo photos since the guys would were getting back together and would be playing some live shows this summer. As always we had a lot of fun doing those promo photos.

The guys had their first live gig this past Thursday down in Pekin, Il. and it was great to see them perform and hear them playing live! It was there first live performance in 25 years for The Rave and I think that they picked right up where they left off! They played a couple of sets and it was everything from the Beatles to the 2000’s. It was a bit of a time machine to hear those songs that I remember so well and to see the energy that they put into their show! They are still kicking it out all these years later and they aren’t done yet! Here’s a few of my snaps from Pekin, Il. with The Rave

Well it’s time for all of us to get back to work after the 4th weekend! I hope that you have a very wonderful week to come and thanks for checking out my work as always!!!!!


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