AMA Flat Track Racing

Monday morning greetings to one and all!!!!!!

If you know me, you know that racing is in my blood! No, not as a driver, but as a fan and a photographer! For me it’s so much fun to go out and shoot whatever form of racing there is from bikes to cars to boats to camels!!!! There’s just something about the speed that is like a drug to me and pulls me in. I guess I just love being around it!!!!!

I was out yesterday at the Peoria Motorcycle Club’s track in Western Peoria for their June race. Yes, the June race had been postponed, so they had it yesterday! It was a great day despite the heat and there was a lot of great racing going on!!!! Here’s one of my snaps from the day and I just loved the motion and speed that I was able to create in the camera.

Thanks for checking out my work as always and I hope that you have a very wonderful week!!!!!


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