Leap Day

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

It’s the 29th of February and apparently 2016 is a leap year and today is a leap day! Wow! Talk about some excitement!!! Do we have the day off from school and work? I guess not because we have a shoot this afternoon, so I better get some gear packed up!

We had a busy week this past week with shoots in North Dakota and in the Quad Cities (Illinois for those not familiar with the state) for a couple of days to end the week. All and all it was a very good week and there was a lot of editing time on the computer this weekend trying to get caught up with all of these projects! When it rains it pours, so you just have to take advantage of the time to get caught up like we did this weekend!

We’ve got a quick snap this week of the beautiful wind turbines that dot the landscape here in the Midwest! I always enjoy seeing these giants spinning in the wind off in the distance of a farm field making the electricity that we all use and need!!!

Leap Day is here, so let’s all get to work!!! Have a great week as always and thanks for checking out our work!!!

Kev and Jan

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