I love this town!

Monday morning greetings from Tucson, Az.!

It’s the first promo of 2012 and I hope that you’re rocking and rolling already in the new year!!!!!

I love Tucson, Az.! I’ve been here a number of times for business over the years and on vacation a number of times as well!!! It’s probably the town that I’ll retire too when the time comes!!! After being here for the Christmas and New Years vacation this year, it just cements my feeling for the area! As you might know, I love the desert and this place just feels like home to me!!!!

Here’s a snap of the city and it’s a very nice panoramic of the city and the mountains!!!

Thanks as always for checking out my work this past year and it’s very much appreciated by me!! As always, I’m looking forward to 2012 and what adventures it will bring!!!! I can’t wait to share that with you this coming year!!!! I’ll be back in Peoria on Tuesday night and ready to rock on Wednesday of this week!!!!!!


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