Sunny Monday morning greetings!!!!!!

I’ve got nothing to say this week (that’s a first)!!!!!!!

Have a great week and check out this Hummer H3 with a flame paint job that I shot in the studio this past weekend!!!


Click on image to see a larger version


One thought on “H3

  1. That car looks really neat. I know Buzz and Barry over at Green that helped out a bit with paint prep and clear coat, etc. They had just put my car back together with new paint 3 weeks prior.

    You do great work. I met you when you shot photo’s for Extreme Limousine. Impressive studio and skills.

    I have a red Corvette that I’d like some cool shots of. What kind of fee do you normally look for or expect? Having professional photos like that is great!

    Cheers to you – nice work.

    Jeffrey Gasick
    (309) 231-7722

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