Africa and Dubai

Sunday evening greetings to all from Dubai!!!!!

We are rocking and rolling here in Dubai and have already gotten a days work already under our belts. I have to tell you that it’s completely surreal being here right after Mali, Africa a few days ago.

I’ve got a couple of snaps for you from a small village a few hours north on Kayes, Mali. We were going to shoot at a gold mine about five hours north of Kayes on the worst road that I’ve ever been on. From the time we left Kayes, we were on a dirt road that had pot holes the size of small cars!!!!! After getting bumped and banged around the car for a few hours, I saw a couple of great shots coming into this small village. We stopped for a few moments and were greeted by these small children. I have to tell you that it was incredibly cool and it was something that I will never forget!!! We were only there for about ten minutes, but I wished that I could have stayed there for hours.

The thing that also blows me away is coming from Mali, Africa (ranked at 174 out of 177 as one of the poorest countries in the world) to Dubai where everything is completely over the top. I don’t think that I would have felt the same way if I had come directly from the US first! To see people that have nothing and then see people with everything is really eye opening. I can’t even begin to tell you how much you will appreciate all that you have in your life when you see those with nothing!

It’s time to get to work, day two in Dubai starts in about an 15 minutes!!!!!!

Have a great week as always and I’ll have shots from Dubai next week!!!!


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