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Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

Welcome to the middle of summer and as time seems to do, it keeps motoring along and at such a fast pace anymore. Time seems to fly at other points in the year as well, but I guess that I just notice it more during the summer because of the bookend holidays of Memorial Day and Labor Day. When you throw the 4th of July into the mix of those two major holidays as well, you’ve got a holiday weekend just about every month or so it seems during the summer. That’s one of the things that I do like, but I always wish that summer could last just a little bit longer then it does!

I’ve got one more promo to share from our time spent in Tucson, Az over the 4th of July holiday week. Even though we’ve been to the San Xavier del Bac Mission in Tucson a large number of times over the years, I never get tired of going there and shooting some photos. There’s always something different to see that we’ve missed in previous visits to the mission. For those that haven’t been to Tucson, San Xavier del Bac is located about 10 miles south of downtown Tucson. It’s also known as “The white dove of the desert” because it’s the tallest building for miles and it stands out in the flat land of the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation. The fun part of being there is that you can walk all around the inside and outside of the mission and take photos. Of course if mass is going on at the time of your visit, you can’t go inside during the service.

Here’s a couple of our snaps from the San Xavier del Bac Mission.

Thank you as always for taking the time to check out our photos. We really do love shooting them and sharing them with you!

Kev and Jan

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