I’m still banging the drum!!!

Monday morning greetings from Santa Fe, New Mexico!!!

Wow, the Super Bowl, yawn!!! The Super Bowl commercials, yawn!!! For all the build up and the hype for the big game, the NFL laid a big goose egg! Blow out games are never entertaining unless your team is the one that’s blowing out the opposition!!! I have a feeling that Animal Plant’s “Puppy Bowl” got better ratings then that yawner!!!!! For the most part the commercials were bad as well! It was funny becuase every-time I would watch a bad one, I would say to the room, “There’s another four million dollars down the drain”! Yes, 30 second spots were four million a pop! Scary but true!!!!

It’s the first road trip of the year and we’ve got a great spot to be shooting, Santa Fe, NM!!! We’ll be shooting for Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine and it should be a lot of fun! The colors and textures out here are inspiring and hopefully we’ll be able to bring that out in our photos!!!!

I’m still banging my drum about lighting!!! It’s been amazing to me over the last five or so years how we in the advertising world have gotten away from doing lighting on people and products. I know that this is an old school thing because back in the day you had to do lighting becuase of the cameras and film. With today’s modern digital cameras, it’s not necessary to do lighting to get a good photo, but we are missing out on the mood that can be created with lighting! There is a drama and mood that is created when you light up a subject and most of the photos that I’m shooting for clients these days lack that dramatic look. There are a host of reasons from our new cameras, time is money and budgets have been squeezed, to “It’s good enough”! It’s sad to see because I think about the lack of impact that photos are missing today!

Here’s a shot that we did last week for my friends at Simformotion and this is one of my clients that does see the need to have photos with impact for their products. Taking a little bit of time and doing some creative and dramatic lighting, we are able to take a product that might not be all that exciting and turn it into an interesting and attention getting photograph! Hopefully as time goes on, more and more clients will want their products and people to stand out and have impact!!!

It’s time to get busy and Santa Fe is waiting, I’ve got lighting and photography to do!!!! 🙂

I hope that you have a great week as always and thanks for taking the time to check out my work!!!


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