Arctic cold Monday morning greetings to one and all from the frozen city of Peoria!!!!

From my intro can you tell that we here in the Midwest and Central Illinois are sick of winter and ready for spring? If not, we are! The last couple of winters in Peoria have been fairly mild and personally that type of winter isn’t too upsetting to me and others! We’d have a few cold days and then we’d hit some nicer weather in the 30’s to 40’s and that was pretty darn nice! This year over the last month or so we’ve been rocked with these extreme polar blasts time and time again and this morning is no exception! With temperatures in in the -10 range and wind chill’s in the -20 and below area, this winter is getting old real fast!!!! Having spent two weeks in Hawaii in December, I’m ready to get the heck out of here again and avoid some of this nasty cold weather again!!!! We’ll see!!!!

This weekend we were able to head South of Peoria and hit St. Louis and enjoy a little bit of a reprieve from winters blast!!! Sad to say that even they won’t be able to avoid this cold today!!!! Here’s a couple snaps of my from Sunday at the Arch and it was gorgeous with temperatures in the high 50’s and a very nice sunny day!!! It almost made me think of spring!!!!!

For my friends North of the Mason-Dixon Line, here’s hoping that you are going to stay warm the next couple of days!!!! For those of you South and West of the MD Line, we don’t want to hear it!!!!

Have a great week as always and stay warm!!!! 🙂


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