My 10 best from 2011!!!

Monday morning Peoria greetings to all my friends around the globe!!!!!

Today is my last working day for 2011 and that’s a pretty good feeling!!!! I’ve got a couple of gigs to get taken care of today and then on Tuesday it’s time to get on the plane and fly out West to enjoy some of that wonderful warmer weather then we’ve got here in Peoria!!!! I’m really glad to be putting the wraps on this year because to be honest, it was another tough year! This makes three down years in a row and with the US and World economies struggling to get better, it’s going to be tough going forward into next year! I always remain optimistic that this next year will be the year that things start to turn around and we’ll all just have to see where things go!

Despite having a down year business wise, I was still very fortunate to have some great opportunities for some wonderful shoots!!!! I was able to travel a bit and that’s always something that I really like to do and am glad when I get to go some where new!!!! Outside of a number of shoots that I did here in Illinois, I also had gigs in Texas, Las Vegas, Seattle, Brazil, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Louisiana! Not bad for an off year!!!!

I’ve put together a pdf with my ten best business shots from 2011! You’ll see that there was a wide array of different things and subjects and that’s what I really like is the variety of clients that I’m able to do work for!!!!

It’s time to get busy, there’s lots to do today!!! If you’re traveling next weekend for Christmas and the holiday season, make a it a safe one!!!! I’ll have photos from out west the next couple of weeks and am looking forward to that!!!! We’ll be back to Peoria after New Years and ready to rock in 2012!!!!!!!! Thanks again for checking out my work!!!!!


Click on link to see the ten best images of 2011


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  1. Ok, Kevin, I created an account just so I would be able to comment on your blog posts. Love the photos! You are incredibly talented. I especially LOVE how you got Mile Rowe to “tiger.” LOL! Keep up the great work.

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