100,000 hits!

Monday morning greetings from Jackson, Mississippi!

I’m going to hit a milestone today on my Flickr photography site! My photos will have been viewed 100,000 times and that’s pretty darn good! I have limited space on my kevinmay.com web page, but on Flickr I have unlimited space and at the moment I have 2423 photos on there! It’s nice because I’m able to have different categories of photos, so pretty much most areas of photography are covered, from travel to food to farming to Peoria, there’s a bunch of work here!!!!

I’m adding a link for the different sets and if you click on this link, you can check out lots and lots of my photos! http://www.flickr.com/photos/kevinmay/sets/

I’ve also got the newest addition to the Flickr site as well and it’s one of my nature photos from White Sands National Monument from a couple of weeks ago at Thanksgiving!

It’s time for me to get busy, so I hope that you have a wonderful week and thanks again for checking out all my work!!!


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