Pizza time

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

It sure was nice to spend this past week in Peoria and to be home for a change! As I talked about last week, we’ve been on the road a bunch these past few months and there’s so much that you miss out on when you’re out on the road. To me it’s the little things like sleeping in your own bed and eating your own food that make being home so good. We had a busy week with a couple of shoots and then a ton of video editing work as well, so it was a nice mix of things going on and that’s never a bad thing!

For those of you that don’t know, I live just down the road from Kickapoo, Illinois which is just West of Peoria about 10 miles. There’s not ever been a bevy of dinning options in Kickapoo, but for those that do know Central Illinois, there’s always been Ludy’s. It’s a small little bar that has some of the best hamburgers and cold beer around and they’ve even got picnic tables outside and in the summertime, it’s great to sit outside and enjoy the warm summer weather. Sure we could go down the road to Peoria for food, but it’s nice to have some places close to home. Well now Kickapoo has added a second restaurant and it’s a good one! Pizza 150 is a brand new restaurant that was constructed on the site of another little hole in the wall bar in Kickapoo that is long gone. I had watched the construction going on earlier this year and wondered what the building was going to be and to my surprise, it was another restaurant. From the outside you could tell that it was going to be a nice place and the first time I walked in, I was blown away by how nice it was. Now to me a nice place is a place that’s laid back and I feel comfortable just chilling out and having a few cold beers along with some great food. Pizza 150 fits that bill to a T for me! So if you’re in Central Illinois and looking for a new place to check out, give Pizza 150 a try and I think you might like it too!

Here’s a couple of my shots for our friends at Pizza 150.

It’s time to get rocking, we’ve got another busy week with a ton of video editing so I’ll be chained to the computer! We hope that you have a great week as always and thanks for taking the time to check out our work!

Kev and Jan

Click on the image to see a lager version

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