Close encounters

Monday morning Alabama greetings to one and all!

Well, it sure has been a couple of crazy weeks since you’ve last heard from us! Busy? Yes, indeed! I was up in Canada on a shoot for ten days and it was interesting to say the least! This past week I spent most of the week working on all the video and still photography from the Canada gig and was able to get things wrapped up on Friday afternoon and was darn happy about that! We had one night to regroup and left for Alabama on Saturday and here we are ready to rock once again for another gig! I’m amazed at the amount of time that we have spent on the road this year and it’s far from over!!!! We’ll rock and roll this week and then I think we’ll be in Peoria the rest of August and I’m not too upset about that at all!!!!

On our road trip out West in late June for another gig, we had a couple of days for ourselves to get out and shoot and a few weeks ago you saw a couple of photos from Badlands National Park in South Dakota. This week I’ve got a couple of photos from Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming. For those of you that have never been there, you might have seen the tower in the 1977 movie “Close encounters of the Third Kind”. It’s one of those things that you can see for miles as you are driving too, it doesn’t seem all that big until you get closer and closer and see that it’s pretty darn big! You also can see why many Native Americans in the area hold this tower as being a sacred place. I can feel that vibe when I’m there because there aren’t any other formations like that in the area, so I can see why it’s a special place!

Here’s a couple of our snaps from Devils Tower National Monument.

Ok, it’s time for us to get rocking! We’ve got a busy week and then back to Peoria, so we’ve got to get going! We hope that you’re going to have a great week to come and thanks for checking out our work as always!!!

Kev and Jan

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