Dog day afternoon

Wednesday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

It’s a midweek update from us after the 4th of July holiday weekend. If you’re like us, you’re back at work after a couple of days off and it’s always nice to have a little break like that! It’s also nice to have a very short rest of the work week as well and I know that we sure won’t be complaining about that!!! 🙂

We had a shoot in Ft. Collins, Co. last week and it’s always great for us to get out West like that. It’s never too upsetting to be out West in the summertime with your eyes on the Rocky Mountains and the lower humidity that we sure don’t have here in Central Illinois in July. We had a great shoot and then we were able to spend a couple of days in the Denver area for ourselves. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and we were able to get out and take some photos as well and that’s never a bad thing! One of the fun things that we got to shoot were a couple of furry four-legged friends that were out enjoying a very nice day! I think that the dogs were enjoying the day as much as we were! Here’s a couple of my snaps from a dog day afternoon spent with Chu-Chu and Dublin.

It’s time to get to work! It’s going to be a busy week getting caught up from being on the road and we’ve got three days to do that! We hope that you have a great rest of the week and thanks again for checking out our work!

Kev and Jan

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