27 years and still going strong

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

In April of 1990, I started down the road to being self-employed and 27 years later here we are still rocking and rolling! It has been an amazing ride and it’s not over just yet, so we’ve got a few more years of doing photography and video for our clients and that makes us happy! We’ve come a very long way from the days of shooting film from 35mm up to 8” x 10” film for the view cameras in the studio. The transition from shooting film to digital in 2001 was a huge step and a big learning curve, but well worth the effort. The funny thing is that you couldn’t pay me to go back to shooting film after all these years shooting digitally! We’ve also made the jump just two years ago to shooting video for clients and now that video work accounts for 70% of our business. I’d also be very remiss if I didn’t mention that Jan started shooting and working with me on a full-time basis two years ago as well. A lot has happen in 27 years and there’s still more for us to do before we finally hang things up in a few years. We are so very blessed to have so many great clients that we have worked with over the years and that have supported us and what we do. I can’t ever say thank you enough for all the work all these many years! We’re not done yet, so there’s more to come!

Here’s a couple of our photos from Balboa Park in San Diego, California. What a great place to visit and to enjoy all that goes on there!

We hope that you have a very wonderful week to come and thanks for checking out our work and being part of our lives!

Kev and Jan

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