North Rim

Monday morning Alabama greetings to one and all!

Well it sure was a quick turn around for us this weekend! We flew back from Salt Lake City on Saturday evening and did a little laundry and repacked clothes and photo gear and then on Sunday drove down to Auburn, Alabama for our shoot this week! Sometimes our schedule is like that and you go from one place to the next on a very short turn around, but that’s also what makes life more interesting!

We had a great Western road trip and were able to see a number of different places in the Utah and Arizona areas. Lots and lots and lots of nature photos have been shot this past week and we’ll be sharing some of those in the coming weeks!

One of our stops was the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and it’s one of those areas that you set as a destination because it’s not on the way to anywhere! For those that have been to the Grand Canyon, there is a slower pace to a visit to the North Rim versus the South Rim. The number of tourists at the South Rim can be very overwhelming and unless you get on some of the trails, you can be elbow to elbow at some of the viewing areas. The North Rim is a lot less congested and it makes a visit a lot more serene and relaxing!

Here’s a couple of our snaps from our visit to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Thanks as always for taking the time to check out our photos and we hope that you have a great week to come!

Kev and Jan

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