Jumping back into the fire!

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!!!

I have a feeling that a bunch of us were traveling for the Thanksgiving weekend and if you were, hopefully it was safe and uneventful. I made it back from spending the holiday with my folks and as always it was great to be out in New Mexico and enjoying the great weather! It’s not that it’s been horribly cold by any stretch in Central Illinois this past month, but it sure is hard to beat mid 60’s and sunny!!!

We are jumping right back into the fire these next couple of weeks and already have a ton of work to get done! In past years things have always been a little busy right after Thanksgiving and then by about the middle of December things would start to slow down and we’d wind out the end of the year. This year that looks like that’s not going to happen! We still have a road trip to make in a few weeks and I have a feeling that we’ll be busy right up to Christmas. We kicked things into high gear yesterday and we’ll keep rocking till we get everything done in the coming weeks!

Here’s one of my photos from the Dripping Springs Natural Area in Las Cruces.

It’s time for us to get busy, so you have a great week to come!

Kev and Jan

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