Golfing PPD Style

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!!!

Well the weather sure hasn’t been all that nice the last couple of weeks in Peoria. It’s been cold and rainy and I’m starting to sound like a broken record!!!

One of the things that we have been waiting on is the weather and having it been cold and damp, things have been a little slow to green up in Central Illinois. The grass in my yard has been growing, but some of the trees are a little late to the game when it comes to having leaves on the trees. I’ve got a number of shoots that we have been in a holding pattern waiting for things to green up so we can get out and shoot some outdoor shots for clients. Well things really started happening last week and the trees and looking pretty good. One of the clients that we’ve been trying to help out is the Peoria Park District. PPD was wanting to get some photos of Kellogg and Madison golf courses for new scorecards. Last Friday ended up being the perfect day and we jumped at the chance to get things knocked out for them! It was sunny and cool with the temps in the 50’s, but it was a perfect day to get out and shoot!

Here’s a couple of the shots from Madison and Kellogg golf courses for the Peoria Park District.

We’ve got a very busy week coming up, so we’re going to get things started! We hope that you have a great week and also thanks for checking out our work!!!!

Kev and Jan

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