No Moon

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

There was all this talk the last few days about the “Super Blood Moon” that we were going to be experiencing and how spectacular it would be. Needless to say in Central Illinois last night the clouds were completely socked in, so no moon for us! Oh well! I hear the next one will be in 2033, so I’ve marked it in the calendar and we’ll try for it next time!

Jan and I were out this past Saturday shooting for out friends at San Juan Pools and we did have great weather. All day there were wonderful blue skies and lots of sun so it made for a great day of photography! It’s always fun to go do a shoot like this because it’s great to see what people are doing and how they are fixing up their homes with pools in their backyards. We started the day in Canton, Il. and finished there for a night shot. There were lots of great places that we shot at and this night image was one of them!

It’s time for us to get to work, so we hope that you have a great week as always!!!

Kev and Jan

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