Big Boy Toys

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

I’m laughing because I’m thinking this summer in Central Illinois will go down in history as the summer of rain and cutting the grass! It seems like everyday it’s raining and about ever other day I’m cutting the grass at my house!! I was out on a quick trip to the East Coast this past week for a shoot and I cut the grass before I left and then three days later when I came back home I had to cut it again! One thing is for sure, it’s really good exercise pushing the lawn mower around the yard! 🙂

Speaking of that East Coast swing last week, I was out shooting what I fondly call the Big Boy Toys. Big Boy Toys in my world are any large pieces of equipment that as a kid you would dream about using while you were playing with your “little” toys in the yard all those many years ago. I‘m still fascinated by how things work and enjoy watching these Big Boy Toys do their thing. You could give me a lawn chair and for hours on end I could sit there and watch a construction site or combine harvesting a farm field.

This past weeks shoot was at a rock quarry in Easton, Pa. and one of the rare things as well for me is to be out shooting photos of a brand spanking new machine. I’m thinking in my 25 years of photography, I’ve maybe shot a brand new out of the box machine less then a handful of times, so it’s very rare indeed to see and photograph at a customers site. Everything on a machine like this is brand new, so your photos are going to look great because the machine isn’t all beat up!

Here’s a few of my snaps from Easton, Pa. of this brand new Caterpillar 988K Wheel Loader!

Well it’s either time for me to get to work or it’s time for me to get outside and get the yard cut again! Have a great week to come as always!!!

Kev and Jan

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