Back in the studio

Monday morning Peoria greetings to one and all!

It has been awhile since I’ve done a product shoot in a studio. I sold my studio more then two and a half years ago and it’s been a great decision and no regrets for me! It’s so rare for us to be shooting products shots anymore and usually if we are doing something like that, it’s on location at the clients space. In some ways I think that this is becoming a lost art shooting product photography and making those products look nice with great lighting. Lighting is the key to any studio type shot if it’s a product or if we are photographing people.

This shot was more challenging then I thought it would be. We had a clear glass trophy that was engraved with type. At first I thought it would be a pretty easy shot, but soon found out that it was going to be more challenging then first thought. There’s type on the top and the bottom of the award and the type is on two different angles which added to the degree of difficulty for this photo. Like anything else when you’re doing work like this, it’s all about trail and error with the lighting. You first try what you think might look best and then you modify how you are lighting the product. At some point you have it looking as good as it can look in the time budgeted for the shot. With this award, there were many angles to it, so making sure that there weren’t any bad reflections was also a big concern!

Here’s the shot that we were able to come for this award and I think it looks pretty darn nice!!!!

Thanks as always for checking out our work and we hope that you have a great rest of the week!!!!

Kev and Jan

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