Hueco Tanks and The Great American Race!

President’s Day Monday morning Peoria greetings to all,

I had a great time visiting with my folks in New Mexico this past week and it’s always good to be back home as well!!!

Springtime is here! How can I be so certain you might ask? Next Sunday is the Daytona 500 and when I think of spring, that’s the start of a lot of great sporting events from the “Great American Race” to “March Madness” to the Masters!!! The flowers are about ready to bloom!!!!

When I’m out visiting my folks in Las Cruces, I always try to get out everyday and shoot photos of the area and one of the places that I’d never visited was Hueco Tanks State Park just outside of El Paso, Tx. It’s a very interesting area that has a lot of history from the Indians and their pictographs to a stop on the Butterfield Stage. It’s also become one of the premier rock climbing places in the US and you’ll see climbers doing there thing. They call it Bouldering and it’s pretty cool to watch them! They do limit the amount of people in the park everyday, so you need to make a reservation before you visit or be prepared to wait if the park is full!

Here’s are a couple of my snaps from the day spent at Hueco Tanks!!!!

I hope that you have a great week and thanks as always for taking the time to check out my work, I really do appreciate it!!!!


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