IHSA Football and “Smoking Joe” Frazier

Monday morning Peoria greetings to all!!!!!

I normally don’t comment on famous people that have passed, but this week I want to quickly remember boxer Joe Frazier. As a kid growing up, I loved watching boxing and especially the heavyweight division. To see Muhammad Ali and Joe Frasier in the prime of their careers was incredible. “Smoking Joe” was the polar opposite of Ali and these two were fortunate that they had each other to fight because I think that it made both of them greater and larger then life! I liked them both, but I really liked “Smoking Joe” because he never backed down from Ali! If you’ve been to my studio, you’ve seen a lot of the autographed memorabilia that I have here and one of my prized pieces is a boxing glove signed by both Ali and Frazier! I’ve attached a quick photo to check it out! http://kevinmay.com/IMG_0324.jpg

I was able to get out to shoot a IHSA football playoff game on Saturday with Joliet Catholic taking on the Washington Panthers. When Joliet ran on to the field for the first time, you knew that Washington was going to be in trouble! The Joliet players were bigger, stronger and faster and it really was a case of men vs boys! The final score was 56-7 with Joliet winning, but it wasn’t even that close!

Here’s one of my snaps from the game!

A lot of people here in the US will be traveling starting next weekend for Thanksgiving, so if you’re one of those traveling, be safe!!!

Have a great week as always!!!!!!!


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